People Operations Tech Specialist / IT Associate

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Discover Clipboard Health's mission to empower healthcare professionals through an on-demand app-driven marketplace for career growth.

Why Clipboard Health Exists

Clipboard Health's mission is to uplift people socioeconomically by offering healthcare professionals a platform to convert their extra time and ambition into career and financial opportunities. The company provides an app-based marketplace that connects healthcare facilities with on-demand healthcare talent. This enables professionals to work flexibly and facilities to meet their staffing needs efficiently.

About Clipboard Health

Clipboard Health, a fast-growing tech startup in the post-Series C stage, boosts the healthcare talent market with a two-sided network effect. With a diverse, inclusively global team working remotely, the company has been acknowledged as one of YC’s Top Companies for two consecutive years. Scaling impressively, Clipboard Health aims to broaden its impact within the healthcare industry by supporting more professionals and facilities.

About the Team

Clipboard Health's People Operations team is committed to solving complex issues rather than enforcing policies. They are recognized for their strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, and leadership development expertise, holding high standards across the organization.

About the Role

The company is looking for a Tech Specialist for its People Operations team. The role encompasses managing IT, technical and platform security responsibilities, ensuring smooth operations through platform integration, tech support, and by being the point of contact for inter-departmental coordination with Security and Workforce Management teams. A proactive approach, problem-solving skills, and ownership of solutions are key to this role.

Main Job Duties

The Tech Specialist will evaluate and solve tech issues, manage platform permissions and onboarding/off-boarding processes, uphold SS0 integration with HRIS, assist in data analytics, and collaborate through effective communication and support desks.

Nice to Have

A familiarity with software like Salesforce, Salesloft, GitHub, Rippling, and the Jira help desk ticketing system is advantageous.

Current People Operations Projects

Efforts include migrating to SSO for enhanced security, maximizing platform usage, and providing necessary data for managerial oversight of team trends.

Experience and Skills Required

At least two years in IT or a related field, the ability to write SOPs, manage sensitive information professionally, familiarity with Terraform HCL and YAML, DNS and email setting management, Google Suite proficiency, and super Admin privileges are essential.

Core Values

The company values First Principles Thinking, sound Judgment, Initiative, Resourcefulness, Integrity, and Ownership. These values drive the company's approach to innovation and responsibility, ensuring a trustworthy and proactive work environment.

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Clipboard Health




March 25, 2024


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