Marketing and Events Summer Intern

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Join Filecoin Foundation as a Marketing & Events Intern. Work remotely, support our event program, and create content to promote decentralized storage.

About Filecoin Foundation

Filecoin Foundation (FF) is a pivotal organization within the Filecoin network, ensuring governance, funding development, and promoting growth in the Filecoin ecosystem. With a vision set in 2017, FF aims to nurture an open environment for decentralized storage, resembling governance models like those of Apache, Mozilla, and Linux Foundations. Operating independently from Protocol Labs, FF is a remote-friendly workplace, encouraging a diverse and inclusive culture.

Opportunity: Marketing and Events Intern

FF is on the lookout for a Marketing and Events Intern with a knack for communication, attention to detail, and a strong interest in Web3. This individual will play a significant role in scaling FF's community event program, engaging in logistics, industry events, content creation, and social media marketing. The intern will translate technical concepts into consumer-friendly messaging and improve brand visibility.

Key Responsibilities

Interns at FF will manage event operations, produce informative content, and oversee community engagements. They'll also maintain organizational tools, coordinate event aspects, manage website and marketing content, keep up with industry events, and handle various administrative tasks within the Orbit community program. The role is dynamic, requiring multitasking, prioritization, and efficient communication.

Desired Candidate Profile

The ideal intern should be enrolled in or have recently completed a relevant degree program, exhibiting excellent communication skills, organizational prowess, and adaptability. They should be a collaborative team player and capable of juggling multiple projects. Preference will be given to those with event logistics and project management experience, along with familiarity with CRM systems and event registration tools.

Employment Conditions

Filecoin Foundation offers a remote work setting with an anticipated hourly rate between $20/hr to $22/hr, accessible to global applicants. This position provides a chance to contribute significantly to the leading decentralized storage platform as it evolves.

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Filecoin Foundation




March 26, 2024


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