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Join Cliniko—a globally remote team—as a full stack web developer. Help improve our practice management software used by 100k+ daily. Apply by March 29, 2024.

About the Job at Cliniko

Cliniko is looking for talented software developers to join their remote team. This role involves full stack web development with a focus on the server side. The company values autonomous, passionate workers and is open to senior or mid-level developers, considering any exceptional applicants.

What is Cliniko?

Cliniko is a practice management software serving allied health professionals. With a Ruby on Rails backend and transitioning to a React frontend, Cliniko aids in scheduling, storing treatment notes, video consultations, and more, catering to over 100,000 daily users.

Our Team

The Cliniko team of about 50 people operates entirely remotely, with a base in Melbourne, Australia. They value autonomy, creativity, and a positive impact on customers and the world. With rare meetings and no timesheets, team members enjoy a great deal of responsibility and independence.

What You’ll Work On

You will be responsible for developing features, improving existing functionality, bug fixing, refactoring code, reviewing others' code, and anything else to enhance Cliniko for customers.

About You

Cliniko is searching for developers who are enthusiastic about their work's impact, proactive, and eager to learn and share. Skills in relational databases, queues, caches, server-side web frameworks, JSON APIs, and client-side JS are necessary. While Ruby on Rails expertise is not mandatory, the ability to adapt quickly is.

How We Work

Cliniko's unique work culture includes a 30-hour work week with full-time pay, flexible hours, work from anywhere policy, unlimited annual leave, supplied tech and ergonomic equipment, and full team meet-ups abroad. The company culture is focused on enabling people to perform their best while enjoying a balanced life.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted through Cliniko's website with a closing date of March 29, 2024. Applicants are asked to provide insights into their character and skills in lieu of a resume. Successful applications move through a series of short chats, technical tasks, and team meetings before the final hiring decision.

Good luck to all applicants! To apply, visit Cliniko's listing on We Work Remotely.

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remote, with a base in Melbourne, Australia

Software development


March 27, 2024


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