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Join Faire as a Senior Product Designer and shape exceptional experiences for small retailers and makers in our marketplace.

Overview of the Senior Product Designer Role at Faire

Faire is a company that priotizes outstanding design and is on the lookout for a Senior Product Designer to enhance its team. This role involves joining a dedicated and collaborative team of designers devoted to crafting beautiful and intuitive user experiences. As an integral part of the product development team, a Senior Product Designer at Faire plays a vital role in designing solutions that help thousands of small retailers and artisans to thrive in Faire's marketplace.

The Role's Responsibilities

The Senior Product Designer will be responsible for working closely with various teams, including research, engineering, product, and data, to conceptualize and execute design projects. The designer will be part of one of Faire's Product Pillars, focusing on developing features and experiences that have a direct impact on customers and the product itself.

Some of the key responsibilities include advocating for top-notch user experiences, leading or participating in user research to inform design strategies, creating user flows, wireframes, and prototypes for testing design concepts, and delivering well-documented, high-fidelity visuals in line with Faire's brand aesthetics.

Furthermore, the candidate is expected to effectively communicate design concepts and prototypes to cross-functional teams and contribute to the design team's culture by collaborating, providing feedback, and helping evolve design processes.

Qualifications for the Role

Ideal candidates should have at least four years of experience in digital product design, including creating systems and visual designs. They should possess excellent communication skills to articulate design decisions confidently to any audience. A collaborative nature, growth mindset, ability to receive feedback well, and adaptability in a dynamic work environment are also crucial qualifications for this role. A sense of humor is also appreciated, as the company values a lively and inspiring work culture.

Experience and Cultural Fit

Faire is interested in candidates with diverse experiences from different industries and various creative backgrounds. Those with firsthand experience as a maker or retailer, bringing empathy and understanding of the small business and entrepreneurial journey, are highly valued and encouraged to share their stories.

Salary and Benefits

The salary range for this role varies based on location, with ranges provided for California/New York and Colorado/Washington/New Jersey. Compensation includes eligibility for equity and benefits, with actual base pay determined by factors such as skills, experience, market demands, and work location.

Locations and Remote Work Opportunities

Eligible candidates must be open to working in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Toronto, Kitchener, or remotely, offering flexibility in job location.

Note: This summary is for informational purposes only and salary ranges and job details are subject to change over time. Applications should verify the current position details and salary ranges with Faire directly.

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San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Toronto, Kitchener

Design and arts


March 28, 2024


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