Sr. JavaScript Engineer

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Join 10up as a Senior JavaScript Developer and innovate with a top team building state-of-the-art web UIs, utilized globally. Embrace remote work and grow with us.

Be an Innovator as a Senior JavaScript Developer at 10up

At 10up, developer roles transcend traditional coding—they embody an innovative problem-solving mindset that is essential in crafting smart, creative solutions for clients. In a position as a Senior JavaScript Developer, you become a pivotal element in creating custom UIs that reach millions of users every day. For over 12 years, 10up has been a frontier in pushing the capabilities of WordPress, and now, you can be part of a team that’s setting the standard for web development.

Work on Cutting-Edge Projects

With a focus on modern JavaScript, such as ES6+ and React, and an understanding of Node.js, you'll lead projects, provide estimates, and break down complex tasks into manageable goals. Your expertise will also play a role in coaching and elevating the skills of your fellow teammates.

About Your Role and Skills

For those passionate about building scalable web applications and fluent in the architecture of React, this role is calling your name. You'll leverage your deep knowledge of WordPress and have a chance to showcase your real-world work through platforms like GitHub. The remote work model suits you best, allowing you to connect with your team from wherever you are.

A Workplace That Values Flexibility and Growth

10up exemplifies what it means to have a flexible work environment, fostering a culture that offers multiple PTO programs, health and insurance benefits, and opportunities for a 4-day workweek. Professional development is championed through budgets for conferences and training, and the company ensures social interaction through global summits.

Compensation and Recognition

The role of Senior JavaScript Developer comes with a competitive salary range of $70,000 to $130,000 USD, based on various factors like experience and location. Additionally, the company offers end-of-year bonuses and recognizes outstanding contributions throughout the year.

Benefits Overview

  • Flexible and alternative work schedules.
  • Robust PTO and leave policies.
  • Health, dental, and life insurance.
  • Retirement contributions.
  • Professional development budget.
  • Global company summits and meetups.
  • An all-hands bonus program.
  • Career growth support from a dedicated Director of Engineering.

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Software development


March 28, 2024


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