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Join CALSTART's Talent Acquisition team to help source and retain top-tier talent for a leader in zero-emission transportation solutions.


For over three decades, CALSTART has played a pivotal role in pursuing zero-emission transportation solutions to combat climate change and promote economic growth. This mission-driven organization collaborates with an array of businesses, governments, and communities to make significant strides toward cleaner air and equitable access to sustainable transportation options. CALSTART's expertise extends into scientific research, technical advisement, and policy support, all designed to stimulate advancements in clean technologies and infrastructure.

The Talent Acquisition Manager Role

As a Talent Acquisition Manager at CALSTART, the individual will spearhead the formulation and implementation of strategies to draw in, engage, and preserve exceptional talent. This role will be the cornerstone of the company's recruitment efforts, involving management throughout the hiring life cycle, enhancing employer brand presence, and improving recruitment practices on the backdrop of data-driven analysis. Additionally, the Talent Acquisition Manager will provide leadership and mentorship to recruitment teams, ensuring the alignment of talent acquisition with the organizational goals and objectives.

Key Responsibilities

The role encompasses several responsibilities including strategic planning for talent acquisition, managing recruitment processes, enriching candidate experiences, promoting the employer's brand, developing robust candidate pipelines, analyzing recruitment metrics, leading recruitment teams, engaging with stakeholders, and maintaining compliance with legal regulations.

Required Qualifications

Prospective candidates should have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in a relevant field, with a minimum of seven years in talent acquisition and experience in running full-cycle recruiting processes. Expertise in team leadership, excellent communication skills, proficiency in HR tech tools, and a proven record in fostering internal collaborations are essential. Professional Human Resources certification is preferred.

Desired Skills and Qualifications

While CALSTART is keen on a candidate's alignment with the specified credentials, it encourages individuals with diverse qualifications to apply, highlighting a preference for knowledge of the Lever ATS system. The team at CALSTART values innovation, teamwork, and commitment to their mission of clean transportation and personal growth.

The CALSTART Experience

CALSTART strives for a work-life balance and offers comprehensive benefits including health coverage, disability insurance, a retirement plan, paid leave, and more. The organization also prides itself on its inclusive work environment that respects and promotes diversity across all spectrums, acknowledging the value of diversity in driving excellence and innovation.

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March 29, 2024


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