Wallaroo: Senior Sales Engineer, Data Science & Machine Learning

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Join Wallaroo.AI's Sales Engineering team to drive AI/ML solutions in pre-sales engagements and influence product roadmaps. Apply now to shape the future of AI.

About Wallaroo.AI

Wallaroo.AI is at the cutting edge of the AI space, enabling teams to efficiently scale and deploy AI solutions. Their platform is designed for data scientists and ML engineers to transform prototypes into ROI-driven production implementations, promising substantial savings in both time and cost. Backed by strong investors like Microsoft’s M12, Wallaroo.AI raised a considerable fund recently and is now expanding its reach with top-tier clients and partners.

The Role and Responsibilities

As an early key member of the Sales Engineering team, you will bring your customer-facing experience with data science or ML products to assist clients in overcoming technical challenges. You will engage closely with the sales team and prospective clients, provide expert insights at events, and guide technical decision-making with a focus on client success. Owning the technical relationship with potential clients, you’ll steer them from initial engagement through successful deployment, tailoring solutions to their specific ML/AI workflows.


Wallaroo.AI seeks individuals with a background in Computer Science or related fields, or significant Python experience. Prospective candidates should have a minimum of three years in a customer-facing technical sales/service role or equivalent experience developing ML models. Proficiency in Python, including experience with data processing libraries and multiple ML frameworks, is crucial, as is the ability to manage several projects efficiently while prioritizing customer requests.

Communication and Entrepreneurship

Excellent communication is paramount; simplifying complex technical ideas is essential for building solid relationships as a trusted advisor. An entrepreneurial spirit is highly valued, including the resourcefulness and determination to find creative solutions and drive the company forward amidst the early-stage challenges and opportunities.

Preferred Skills

While not required, candidates with experience in MLOps and familiarity with major cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure are highly desirable. Additional technical skills in networking, orchestration, and deployment technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes could set candidates apart.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in pursuing this opportunity with Wallaroo.AI can apply through the provided link to become part of shaping the future of enterprise AI solutions.

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March 30, 2024


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