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Join TULA Skincare as a CRM Operations Manager. Drive CRM & loyalty initiatives in a dynamic, fast-growing company. Remote role with travel required.

Job Overview

The CRM & Loyalty team at TULA Skincare seeks a Manager, CRM Operations, who will handle the daily operations of CRM and loyalty programs. This remote role encompasses email & SMS campaign setup, dynamic content creation, audience segmentation, and creative briefing. Reporting to the Sr. CRM Manager, the candidate should be motivated and able to impact a rapidly expanding company positively.

Key Responsibilities

The responsibilities include managing CRM operations, campaign deployment, audience targeting, support for creative briefs, QA for emails & SMS for deliverability, omni-channel marketing automations, problem-solving, process optimization, analytics, and ad hoc ecommerce support.


Needed qualifications include 5-8+ years in CRM, expertise with marketing messaging platforms, experience in email QA tools, knowledge of privacy laws, strong project management, proficiency in GSuite and Microsoft Office, as well as excellent communication skills and a self-starter attitude.

Three and Six-Month Goals

In the first three months, the focus will be to master creating email and SMS campaigns, understand the creative briefing process, and implement targeted audience segmentation. By six months, the goal is to optimize marketing automation workflows, use analytics to drive decisions, and explore emerging technologies for campaign improvements.

About TULA Skincare

TULA Skincare, now under Procter & Gamble, is a recognized clean clinical prestige skincare brand emphasizing probiotic extracts for balanced skin care. Founded by Dr. Roshini Raj, TULA promotes embracing one's skin and has a significant online and retail presence. Potential earnings for this position range between $80,000-$95,000, plus bonuses, benefits, and unlimited PTO.

Salary and Benefits

The expected salary range is $80,000-$95,000 with factors such as skill, experience, and education playing a role in the final offer. This role includes eligibility for an annual bonus, health insurance, wellness programs, PTO, and educational benefits.


TULA Skincare is based in New York City but offers a fully remote role with needed travel for business meetings and team offsites.

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TULA Skincare

New York City



April 2, 2024


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