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Join Arc & Codementor as a remote social media intern. Help create impactful tech-focused content. Part-time, proficiency in English & content tools required.

Arc & Codementor Social Media Internship Overview

As a social media intern for Arc & Codementor, you will join the marketing team to create and distribute compelling content across various social media platforms. This internship offers a rich opportunity for MBA or college students interested in technology and remote work to gain experience in creating content that drives brand awareness and aligns with marketing strategies.

Internship Details

The role is part-time, requiring 15-20 hours per week. The intern must be based in Taiwan or within a 3-hour time difference from Taiwan and should be available to start in April 2024. A minimum commitment of 4 months is expected, with the possibility of extension. Compensation for the internship is $200NTD per hour.

Key Responsibilities

Interns will engage in content creation tailored to different platforms, curate high-quality external content, and strategically schedule weekly posts. Primary goals include creating content that resonates with target audiences, supports the marketing strategies, and enhances brand awareness on social media channels and email newsletters.

Skills and Qualifications

Successful candidates will have a proficiency in content creation tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Canva, have strong writing and storytelling skills, and be fluent in English. Desirable qualifications include being an undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in tech startups, familiarity with social media platforms, excellent communication skills, independent work capabilities, strategic thinking, and a passion for technology. Bonus qualifications incorporate an interest in programming, marketing or startup internship experience, content writing experience, and leadership skills.

Company Culture

Arc & Codementor's remote team culture emphasizes ownership, results, clear communication, openness, and prioritizes speed over perfectionism in a supportive environment for team members to lead and make an impact.

About Arc & Codementor

Arc & Codementor is a progressive company based in Taipei, Taiwan. They are focused on providing opportunities for individuals passionate about programming, AI, and technology, while also advocating for an enriching remote work culture that encourages personal growth and effective team collaboration.

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Arc & Codementor


Social Media Management


April 3, 2024


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