AI Stealth: Hiring a founding engineer for viral AI startup

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Join a cutting-edge AI startup as the first engineer with potential to become CTO. Work remotely with top-notch talent to solve exciting challenges in AI.

About AI Stealth Startup

An AI startup headquartered in San Francisco has gained attention from notable media outlets such as VICE, New York Times, and Fox News for its pioneering work within the AI industry. The company operates in stealth mode and is in the process of hiring its first engineer.

Company Culture and Benefits

The startup prides itself on offering a flexible and remote-friendly work environment where engineers can choose their working hours and enjoy full autonomy over their projects. There's no micromanagement, allowing the engineer to work closely with the CTO on a daily basis and report directly to the CEO. This role presents the opportunity to tackle unique engineering challenges and has significant growth potential, including the chance to lead a team of engineers and potentially replace the current CTO in the future.

Ideal Candidate Profile

The startup is seeking a top-performing engineer who is among the top 1% in problem-solving and learning speed. This person should aspire to lead an engineering team and bring a global perspective, fitting the startup's international team dynamic. While the position is primarily focused on talent and potential for growth, useful technical skills include proficiency in Python, Typescript, Chrome extensions, NLP, React, Django, PostgreSQL, GCP, LLMs, and a general understanding of AI.

Application and Hiring Process

The startup values efficiency in their hiring process and is eager to onboard talent swiftly. Strong candidates can anticipate an invitation for an interview with the CTO within a day or two of their application. The position offers the right candidate an unprecedented chance to shape the future of an innovative AI startup on a global scale.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in this unique opportunity can apply through the 'We Work Remotely' website at the provided link. This opening is for those who not only want to participate in creating groundbreaking AI tools but also aim to play a crucial leadership role within a fast-growing AI company.

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AI Stealth Startup

San Francisco

Software development


April 3, 2024


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