Web3 Business Development Manager APAC

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Join Horizen Labs on our quest to revolutionize web3. We're hiring creative minds to tackle blockchain, DeFi, and build a secure digital future.

Who We Are

Horizen Labs was founded in 2019 with a mission to secure the world's transition to web3. As a forerunner in the decentralization movement, our focus lies in addressing real-world challenges through impactful solutions in productivity, transparency, and revenue generation. Our people are the core of our operations, fostering a culture of empowerment and idea-driven growth. We invite creative talents to join our visionary team, offering a dynamic work environment at the intersection of fast-paced innovation and diversity. Our hybrid work model supports a global, distributed workforce collaborating with our satellite offices in New York and Milan.

The Opportunity

We're searching for a Business Development Manager seasoned in Web3, DeFi, and blockchain to drive growth across the APAC region. This role focuses on fostering partnerships, expanding our Horizen and Horizen EON ecosystems, and integrating Zero Knowledge proof technology within key blockchain spaces. The ideal candidate will possess an agile mindset, extensive business development experience, and a passion for blockchain innovation.

Your Responsibilities

  • Securing strategic integrations and partnerships for Horizen Labs' Horizen EON and Zero Knowledge Proof Verification chains.
  • Conducting discovery and diagnosis to guide Product and Marketing teams with insights from the Web3 sector.
  • Developing blockchain solutions in collaboration with cross-functional teams, showcasing clear ROI projections.
  • Executing pitch and negotiation strategies while closely working with Engineering, Product, Operations, and Legal teams.
  • Ensuring partner success with Horizen Labs’ products and services, contributing to their growth and providing feedback for product improvements.
  • Continuously refining Business Development methodologies to achieve Horizen Labs’ growth objectives.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Proven experience in Web3 and DeFi sectors, with a strong understanding of their protocols and tools.
  • At least 5 years in technology sales, business development, or partnerships, particularly in the APAC region with a demonstrable success record.
  • Exceptional networking skills with a preferable contact list of potential partners or experience in building high-level relationships.
  • Deep enthusiasm for blockchain, NFTs, DAOs, and other Web3 components.
  • Adept at analysis, strategic action, evaluation, and adaptation.
  • Proficient in Google Workspace, Excel, Powerpoint, and an excellent communicator.
  • Possess intellectual curiosity, approachability, and innovativeness.
  • Bonus for being deeply immersed in cryptocurrency culture.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Horizen Labs is dedicated to equality in employment, providing reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. Interested candidates are invited to join a company that’s shaping the future with groundbreaking blockchain technology.

Horizen Labs: Where talent meets innovation in the realm of blockchain. Apply now and secure your place among the pioneers of web3.

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Horizen Labs

APAC region



April 4, 2024


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