International Payroll Administrator

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Join AiB as a Payroll Professional to manage our international payroll operations and support global growth within a dynamic startup environment.

AiB's International Payroll Professional Opportunity

AiB is on the hunt for a meticulous and veteran Payroll Professional to helm the international payroll activities in a brisk startup atmosphere. This vital post suits someone who excels at evolving and administrating elaborate payroll frameworks across diverse nations, thereby guaranteeing effective and precise remuneration methods for our worldwide crew. With a focus on international payroll functions, interaction with multiple External Employer of Record (EOR) partners, and management of internal payroll via local software, this role is central to AiB’s operational triumph.

The selected candidate will play a significant role in streamlining the international payroll process and ensuring new hires are onboarded successfully, closely collaborating with our Recruiting, HR, and Accounting teams. You will create a robust, scalable payroll system that nurtures AiB’s growth and broad reach.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee payroll processes, manage coordination, and ensure smooth payroll operations for employees in multiple countries through EORs.
  • Manage communication between employees and EORs, assist with questions and act as a mediator, assist in international transitions, and manage documentation regarding employment.
  • Lead onboarding of new employees, collaborate with EORs in jurisdictions lacking direct payroll, and supervise payroll and invoicing.
  • Maintain close collaboration with accounting and external tax advisors on payroll issues for precise reporting and adherence to tax laws.
  • Handle the calculation and distribution of salaries, bonuses, taxes, and payslips, upholding the integrity of employee data.
  • Provide support to HR in administration tasks like PTO tracking and contract management.

It's a PART-TIME (20 hours) position, necessitating overlap with GMT-5 business hours and European time zones.


  • At least 3 years of experience in HR or payroll.
  • Proven analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and proficiency in English.
  • Skilled in handling multiple priorities in fast-paced settings.
  • Candidates should be located within the GMT-5 to GMT+1 time zones.

Desirable Qualities

  • Experience with international payroll management.
  • Familiarity with accounting and creating financial reports.
  • Interest in cryptocurrency and experience with international payments and cryptocurrency transactions.

About AiB

All in Bits (AiB) endeavors to forge a world of greater transparency and responsibility through cutting-edge open-source software, enabling unhampered innovation and borderless dealings. Our technologies empower creators to initiate autonomous blockchains and decentralized apps that are secure, expandable, and compatible. A major participant in the Cosmos ecosystem, AiB is dedicated to sustaining the Cosmos ideals of clarity, responsibility, and decentralization by advocating for on-chain operations through the Decentralists DAO for the Cosmos Hub.

Our Work Culture

AiB values top talent above geographic location, emphasizes candid communication, and employs leading tools for efficient teamwork. Autonomy is cherished, allowing individuals to produce superior work propped up by limitless growth prospects. Being remote-first, AiB supports a work life with selective benefits and maintains regular cross-team communications to boost cooperation. Flexibility in work hours and a commitment to diversity and inclusion make AiB a thriving space where unique abilities lead to promising career paths.


AiB accepts direct applications only. The company disregards unsolicited resumes from staffing agencies and will engage with candidates without financial obligation to recruiters. Unsolicited resumes submitted to hiring managers become AiB property. The hiring location for this opportunity is global and for the company Ignite.

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April 4, 2024


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