Strategy and Operations Associate

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Join Vial, a San Francisco-based AI-powered CRO transforming clinical trials for efficient drug development. Seeking Strategy and Operations Associate.

Who We Are

Vial is a revolutionary tech-driven Clinical Research Organization (CRO) on a mission to streamline the clinical trial process through technology. With its inception in October 2020 by Simon Burns in San Francisco, California, Vial has seen rapid growth, expanding to over 100 employees and securing upwards of $100 million in funding. The company's drug discovery division, Battery Bio, leverages AI to significantly reduce costs and develop affordable drug solutions.

Our Mission

Fueled by a dream to cure all human diseases, Vial has brought together a diverse team of experts committed to redefining the drug discovery landscape. The company prioritizes cutting-edge clinical operations, innovative chemistry, and disruptive thinking to make an indelible mark on the future of drug research.

Join Our Team

As a Strategy and Operations Associate, you will lead Vial's strategic ventures, driving projects that range from drug development operations to mergers and acquisitions. This influential role involves direct engagement with the executive suite and considerable independence in steering the company's strategic direction.

Key Responsibilities

The position calls for leading strategic and operational tasks, managing projects from start to finish, and serving as a thought partner in the company. Applicants should have experience in Finance, Operations, Strategy or Analytics, with a preference for backgrounds in Consulting or Investment Banking. Strong problem-solving skills and proficiency in Excel are essential, alongside an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our Work Culture

Vial fosters a culture of innate curiosity, a propensity for autonomy, and a vigorous pursuit of mastery. The team thrives in an agile and humble work environment, valuing intellectual honesty and adaptability as keys to overcoming challenges. Employees at Vial are encouraged to take ownership of their work, contributing significantly to the company's innovative strides.

Why Work with Us?

At Vial, you will work on a remote-first basis with a flexible schedule, enjoy competitive equity compensation and comprehensive health benefits, and have access to a robust parental leave policy. The company offers a supportive setup, including a one-time remote office stipend, to help you thrive within our dynamic and fast-paced team.

Commitment to Diversity

Vial welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and regions, including Canada and the United States. Their commitment to building a varied and inclusive team is paramount to their success, encouraging innovative solutions that reflect the complexity of the global community they serve.

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San Francisco, California

Project Management


April 6, 2024


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