Interaction Design Foundation: Senior PHP (Laravel) Developer

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Join the Interaction Design Foundation as a Senior PHP Developer for high-quality UX/UI education, fostering code creativity in a remote, dynamic team.

About the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF)

The IxDF is renowned for providing leading education in UX and UI design. With a commitment to revolutionizing UX learning globally, they seek a Senior PHP Developer to join their remote team and contribute to building top-tier online education experiences. The organization values code quality, collaborative work environments, and the impact of each individual's ideas and contributions.

About the Role

This position invites experienced PHP developers to enhance a web application boasting online courses, masterclasses, and community tools. The candidate will enjoy working in a structured, results-driven setting that boasts minimal technical debt thanks to rigorously maintained coding standards and conventions. Moreover, developers will partake in a variety of responsibilities, from coding to documentation, while actively engaging in team decision-making and code reviews.

Technical Environment

Developers will use the latest in PHP and Laravel, within a robust technical stack that includes vanilla JavaScript, Docker, and MySQL among other technologies. IxDF leverages modern web standards for performance without frequent framework upgrades. The role incorporates continuous integration and deployment for a smooth development experience.


Expect to collaborate closely with design and content teams, pushing new features, optimizing existing code, and maintaining comprehensive documentation. Developers will deploy often, embrace test-driven development, and participate in regular code reviews.

About the Candidate

The right candidate should have extensive PHP experience, a persistent learning attitude, acceptable English communication skills, and value teamwork. They need to be self-driven and responsible, eager to contribute to a cause that shapes the design education landscape.

What IxDF Offers

A unique chance to work in an impact-driven company with a developer-friendly environment. IxDF prioritizes agile methods, continued learning, and a culture that values results over titles. Developers can work remotely, enjoy creative freedom, and feel the impact of empowering learners globally.

How to Apply

To apply for this transformative role and join a team dedicated to excellence in design education, candidates must visit the IxDF Careers page directly. Immediate application is encouraged, following the mantra 'the sooner, the better.'

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Interaction Design Foundation


Software development


April 6, 2024


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