Product Design Team Lead

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Appcues is seeking a Product Design Team Lead to create captivating in-app experiences. This role combines leadership and direct design work.

Summary of Appcues Product Design Team Lead Role

Appcues, a platform enabling SaaS companies to design code-free in-app experiences, is hiring a Product Design Team Lead. This role is a 'player-coach' one, with the leader engaging in both management and direct design responsibilities. The prospective candidate will have a roughly 70/30 split between designing and coaching, making it ideal for someone looking to grow into design team management.

About the Role

The chosen candidate will take charge of product design at Appcues, leading a team of three talented product designers and collaborating with product and engineering teams to fulfill the product vision. Additionally, they will contribute as a designer to a squad focused on new product initiatives, have a hand in influencing the design of numerous other products, and enhance both the design team's career progression and the Appcues design process overall.

About the Candidate

Aspiring individuals are expected to possess excellent design sensibilities, an obsession with product experiences, and a portfolio demonstrating their design proficiency. A mindset geared towards continuous learning, experience with B2B software product teams, and a history of mentoring designers are key qualifications for this position.

Compensation and Benefits

The salary range for the position is $119,000 - $160,000 a year, complemented by a competitive equity package, 401k match, and several benefits, including budgets for office setup, technology, training, education, and coworking space reimbursements. For non-US candidates, salaries would be adjusted according to the cost of labor in their respective markets.

Company Vision and Benefits

Appcues is committed to product-led growth and prioritizes delivering engaging user experiences. Benefits include a truly remote working environment, health and wellbeing plans, fair and regularly audited salaries, a home office and tech budget, coworking space fees coverage, and equity grants. Additionally, Appcues promotes transparency and work-life balance through all-hands meetings and a flexible time off policy.

The company, which operates entirely remotely, reinforces its culture with a variety of collaborative tools, remote events, and annual off-site retreats to maintain team unity and productivity.

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April 9, 2024


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