Account Executive Benelux, Mid-Market

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Join Deel's mission to connect companies with top talent worldwide, without borders. Be part of our journey and success as we innovate global hiring.

Overview of Deel

Deel is a company with global outreach focused on enabling businesses to hire anyone from anywhere. The company operates in over 100 countries, employing more than three thousand individuals dedicated to innovating platforms and products for a diverse customer base. Deel's vision is to transcend traditional hiring boundaries by utilizing market-leading technology and expertise to create a platform that allows companies to connect with the best talent globally.

Joining Our Success Story

Deel believes that hiring should not be limited to a 30-mile radius, recognizing that extraordinary talent can be found in any location worldwide. Aiming to reshape the global economy, Deel has designed tools that assist global teams with hiring, onboarding, managing, paying, and scaling their workforce rapidly. After securing $50M in a 2023 funding round and achieving a valuation of $12B, Deel is seeking passionate individuals to join their team during this thrilling growth phase.

Your Role at Deel

At Deel, you will take ownership of a targeted account list, strategize to acquire new business, manage the customer's buying journey, and surpass revenue targets. You'll also play a crucial role in developing a sales pipeline and maintaining accurate CRM data to optimize the business and sales processes.

Key Qualifications

Prospective Deel team members should be located in the EMEA region, have over three years of sales experience, including at least one year in the Mid-Market segment in Europe. Essential to the role is payroll sales experience and a proven track record in developing new territories and achieving customer success and satisfaction. Fluency in Dutch and English, along with a proactive startup mentality, is also required.

Total Rewards and Benefits

Deel appreciates its workforce through fair and competitive pay, scalable benefits, and customizable reward programs. These include company equipment, potential stock grants, benefits tailored to employment status and location, and the flexibility of remote work.

Commitment to Diversity and Communication

Deel is an equal-opportunity employer, proactively supporting diversity across all protected characteristics. Communication with job applicants is carried out via official Deel-specific emails, which can include addresses from and other associated companies. For up-to-date job listings and applications, candidates are advised to visit Deel's career page.

Additional Information

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EMEA region



April 9, 2024


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