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Join Postman, the leading API platform used by 30M+ developers. We value curiosity, transparency, and inclusivity, offering great benefits and growth opportunities.


Postman stands as a premier API platform, embraced by over 30 million developers and half a million organizations globally, including the Fortune 500 elites. Its mission to craft an API-first universe makes it indispensable for developers yearning for a simplified API lifecycle and seamless collaboration. With its foundations in Bangalore and a primary office in San Francisco, the privately-backed Postman revels in the support from prestigious investors like Battery Ventures, BOND, and others.

Prospective users are encouraged to delve into the 'API-First World' graphic novel for an immersive understanding of Postman's vision.


The Account Development Representative (ADR) plays a crucial role at Postman by identifying business needs within Strategic & Enterprise Accounts to fuel the sales pipeline. Working closely with colleagues across marketing and sales, the ADR crafts and executes campaigns to engage and qualify potential clients, ensuring a remarkable prospect experience that paves the way for future sales.


The ADR is tasked with strategizing and generating new business opportunities. By working collaboratively to meet targets, ADRs handle qualified leads and utilize consultative skills to address business challenges while highlighting Postman's value. Besides extensive research within targeted accounts, the ADR must become adept in using sales prospecting tools and maintain CRM systems with daily interactions and lead statuses.


Ideal candidates have up to 2 years of experience in sales-related roles, show proficiency in productivity tools, and can display impressive initiative within a dynamic sales environment. An understanding of different organizational roles will be an added advantage.


At Postman, curiosity leads the creation process, while transparency and communication are key, providing a glimpse into both triumphs and tribulations. With specific goals that align with a bigger vision, Postman fosters an inclusive environment, ensuring collective success in delivering top-notch products.


Postman proffers a competitive salary, ample benefits, and a flexible schedule within a collaborative team, emphasizing work-life balance and wellness through comprehensive coverage, unlimited PTO, and other perks designed to support a thriving work culture.


Postman is an equal employment entity that provides opportunity without discrimination. The company is committed to an inclusive recruitment policy and ensures a fair chance for all, including individuals with arrest and conviction records, in accordance with the law.

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Bangalore and San Francisco



April 14, 2024


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