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Join the Pyth Data Association to develop cutting-edge oracle tech for transparent financial data across blockchains, paving the way for fair markets.

About Pyth Data Association

The Pyth Data Association is a Swiss entity established by participants of the Pyth Network, dedicated to fostering the network's growth. The Pyth Network itself is an advanced oracle solution that disseminates up-to-date financial market data across a variety of blockchains. With contributions from over 85 first-party data publishers, which include leading global exchanges and market makers, the network delivers high-frequency price updates on assets like US equities, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Our Mission and Approach

At the core of the Pyth Network's mission is the provision of reliable and transparent market data. The aim is to equip the financial sector with accurate price feeds, thereby bridging the divide between traditional financial markets and decentralized finance. The network seeks to enhance trust, streamline efficiency, and widen access in the sphere of global financial transactions.

Working at Pyth Data Association

The people-centric culture at Pyth Data Association highlights professional growth and a supportive work environment where camaraderie and mentorship reign. Competitive salaries and benefits are standard here, as the organization holds the well-being of its team in high regard and acknowledges their role in the company's collective successes.

The Role of Developer Relations Manager

Pyth Data Association is on the lookout for a DeFi Specialist to take on the role of Developer Relations Manager. This individual will be instrumental in forging robust relationships with the developer community, encouraging the use of the network, and offering essential support. The Developer Relations Manager will monitor industry movements, facilitate alignment of the developer relations strategy with business goals, and advocate for developers' needs within the organization.

Role Responsibilities and Required Skills

The role demands a passionate individual who understands industry trends and has a keen interest in the DeFi landscape. Close collaboration with Pyth Network's marketing, product, and engineering teams is required to ensure developer-centric enhancements. The Manager is expected to produce valuable developer resources like documentation and tutorials, tackle technical queries, and be a guiding force aimed at developer-centric development. Experience with Rust, Solidity, Typescript, and community management platforms such as Telegram and Discord is a major plus.

Joining Pyth Data Association

This is a call to those ready to contribute to a pioneering era in financial markets, characterized by fairness and transparency. Pyth Data Association opens its doors globally and underscores the ancient maxim, 'Know Thyself!', as an invitation for self-discovery and impactful work in the world of finance and technology.

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Pyth Data Association


Project Management


April 15, 2024


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