Facilities and Construction Department Intern

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Join Insomnia Cookies' innovative Internship Program! Gain hands-on experience in our Facilities and Construction teams for Summer 2024 in Philly.

Insomnia Cookies Internship Program Overview

Insomnia Cookies is looking to expand its imaginative brand and has opened positions for a Summer 2024 Internship program. The company invites candidates to join their growing community and contribute to the brand's creative endeavors.

Facilities Intern Position Details

The Facilities Intern will engage in projects to support the Insomnia Cookies Facilities and Construction departments. The intern will apply their knowledge to various tasks including data entry, data analysis, and asset collection, as well as providing administrative support. This hands-on experience will be the cornerstone for understanding the operations at Insomnia Cookies, and the intern will be compensated with an hourly wage of $15.00 for 20-30 hours a week during the 10-week program, based at the Philly HQ.

Goals and Learning Outcomes

The internship aims to serve as a platform for innovation and creativity, allowing participants to gain valuable experience and exposure within a professional setting. Interns will develop essential workplace skills, including professional communication, learning practices, leadership, and team collaboration. The program also offers opportunities to enhance presentation and public speaking abilities, engage in teamwork, and explore future career paths.

Qualifications for Internship Candidates

Prospective interns must be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program related to Business Operations, have the ability to work in-office up to three days a week, and possess a strong desire to learn. Organization, project management, and communication skills are critical, along with familiarity with Microsoft Office and remote meeting software. A passion for cookies is also a valued quality.

About Insomnia Cookies

From its humble beginnings in a college dorm room, Insomnia Cookies has grown into a leading cookie brand with over 270 stores worldwide. Known for its warm cookie delivery service, the brand has a powerful presence in Philadelphia, where it is headquartered, and continues to innovate in the cookie industry. The company is dedicated to 'Imagining What's Possible' and offers a unique experience for cookie enthusiasts through its physical stores and nationwide shipping options.

Internship Location

Insomnia Cookies is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at their Center City Headquarters, where the internship program will take place.

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Insomnia Cookies

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



April 17, 2024


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