Engineering Plataform SRE II

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Join Stone Tech for a transformative career in the dynamic payments industry, empowering Brazilian entrepreneurs with cutting-edge technology.

Overview of Stone Tech

Stone Tech represents the technological division of Stone Co., merging with financial group companies to support Brazilian entrepreneurs with innovative payment solutions. The environment is relaxed yet challenging, offering continuous development and collaborative teamplay.

Our Culture

Stone Tech's culture is defined by five key pillars: ownership (Own It), action-oriented (Live the Ride), simplicity and honesty (No Bullshit), teamwork (Team Play), and customer-centricity (The Reason).

The Engineering Platform Team

Our goal is to standardize and simplify software development, fostering an environment of autonomy, responsibility, creativity, and innovation to maximize efficiency and quality.

Role of a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

An SRE at Stone Tech works within the platform area to provide internal tools and products that enhance productivity, stability, and minimize risks, focusing on cloud and on-premise infrastructures, observability, automation, and more.

Expectations for Candidates

Prospective SREs should possess knowledge in Git, automation tools like Terraform, cloud infrastructure, and have a basic understanding of operating systems and programming languages. Containerization knowledge is a plus.

Benefits at Stone

Stone offers health and dental plans, a digital hospital, meal vouchers, a remote work allowance, flexible hours, educational benefits, Gympass, childcare assistance, profit sharing, life insurance, and for on-site roles, transport vouchers.

Selection Process

Candidates go through several stages, including application, interviews with the People team, technical evaluation, culture check, and feedback, regardless of the outcome.

Apply to Stone Tech

If Stone Tech's vision and values resonate with you, apply to join our mission to improve the lives of Brazilian entrepreneurs. We are looking for talents to dream big with us.

Company Information

Company name: Stone - Vagas para atração Location: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



April 19, 2024


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