Bellawatt: Sr Full-Stack Engineer for Energy Industry

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Join Bellawatt, a remote and profitable energy industry software company, seeking a Senior Lead Full-Stack Engineer. Apply now for competitive salary and benefits!

About Bellawatt

Hello! We’re Bellawatt – a bootstrapped, profitable company committed to the remote work culture for over 7 years. Specialized in building software for the energy sector, we collaborate with clients like electric utilities and solar installation firms. Our solutions, such as PG&E's Energy Efficiency Marketplace, cater to the ongoing electrification efforts.

Job Offer and Benefits

We understand the importance of compensation and benefits in your job hunt. We offer a competitive salary of $145k/yr for US-based candidates and $115k/yr for those in Canada. Our benefits package includes a comprehensive health plan, a 401(k), a Macbook, a home office budget, a flexible vacation policy, a learning budget, and more. We aim to fulfill additional personalized requirements to make sure our team is content and productive.

Our Work Culture

Bellawatt promotes an async-first culture with a structure that minimizes context switching – engineers focus on 1 to 2 projects at a time. We believe in small teams that undertake projects between 2 to 18 months, carving out our niche in greenfield codebases. Sustainability is key; thus, work-life balance is revered, with overtime or weekend hours being a rarity.

In a typical week, our engineers spend around 3 days coding, 1 day on project support (planning, scheduling, reporting), and 1 day assisting colleagues (code reviews, knowledge sharing). Tasks may include expanding data synchronization processes, building admin UIs, projecting future projects, prototyping API functionalities, and crafting interactive UIs for financial calculations regarding electric vehicles.

About You

As a potential Bellawatt team member, you'd need a strong background in Ruby on Rails and React, coupled with solid project skills. Self-sufficiency, excellent writing capability, and curious tenacity are essential traits we look for. You should be able to manage deadlines effectively, seek help when necessary, and must enjoy articulating complex ideas through writing.

Application Process

We respect your time and maintain a straightforward application process: submit the form, partake in an Informal Interview, proceed to a Technical Interview where you'll code collaboratively, engage in a Case Study that mimics real work scenarios, and expect an offer within a week.

Apply via our application form or through the job posting on We Work Remotely, and let's connect for an exciting opportunity to drive the energy industry forward!

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Software development


April 19, 2024


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