Diply: UX/UI Designer

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Diply seeks an experienced UX/UI designer to join their full-remote team, offering competitive salary, paid health premiums & flexibility.

Job & Profile

Diply, a content creator and distributor across multiple social platforms and publisher sites, is searching for a passionate UX/UI Designer. Applicants should ideally be located in Canada, though the company operates completely remotely. The successful candidate will be comfortable experimenting with aesthetics and trendy designs, potentially using their experiences in the influencer/video creator sphere. While Diply is constantly evolving, the UX/UI Designer is expected to keep pace and utilize their design skills for various projects. They will be tasked with improving functionality and appeal across the company's design landscape.

Company Core Values

Diply emphasizes values of innovation, adaptability, creativity, and teamwork, fostering a proactive and collaborative environment. The honed abilities to anticipate user interaction designs and make informed decisions, as well as work autonomously, will certainly come in handy for this role.

The Role

The UX/UI Designer will interact closely with engineers, product managers, designers, and management to brainstorm design ideas and establish project direction. They will conduct layout adjustments based on user feedback, troubleshoot UX problems, and keep abreast with industry trends. They will be responsible for creating consistently excellent visual work and making significant design decisions.

Skills & Experience

Applicants for this role are required to have at least two years of proven work experience as a UI/UX Designer, and familiarity with video, social media, or the influencer world is a bonus. They should demonstrate fluency in using current design tools and software such as Figma and TailwindCSS, and have excellent communication and attention-to-detail skills. Their confident creativity should shine through their deliverables, meeting deadlines effectively and demonstrating their flexibility and resourcefulness.

Compensation & Benefits

In addition to a competitive base salary, benefits of this job include complete coverage for employee and dependent health & dental premiums, inclusive leave policies, flexible time off, and the opportunity to work from home.

Diply encourages applications from all persons and promises to provide accommodations for disabilities during recruitment and the selection process. Candidates are expected to submit their resume and portfolio for consideration.

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Design and arts


November 8, 2023


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