Prospect: Java Developer (Backend)

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Prospect, a remote startup in Canada, is seeking a Java Backend Developer for their software designed to assist sales teams.

About Prospect

Prospect, a remote Canadian startup, is creating software intended to help sales reps sell better. The lead generation app allows users to find contact data directly in their browser in real-time, assisting sales teams worldwide to meet and exceed their sales targets. The development company is made up of a smart, curious, driven team, currently employing 15 individuals. Next recruit will become employee #16.

Role Expectations

The recruited developer is expected to write beautiful code that performs well and can be understood by future developers. They will be expected to ship things on a regular basis, acknowledging that development is a marathon, not a sprint. Excellent communication is essential, particularly in a remote role, as is the ability to self-manage and be open to feedback.

Engineering Team and the Project

The engineering team consists of 7 developers, with roles divided based on projects. The team undertakes 4-week development cycles followed by a 2-week cool-off period. The tech stack includes Java 17, AWS, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, React, GitLab, LaunchDarkly and Linear. The selected candidate will be involved in backend development using the REST API and modern Java practices.

Role Importance and Expectations

This is a high-impact role with expectations to take real ownership of one or two core features within six months. Activities may include data scaling, speeding up CI pipeline, adding features to existing integrations, modernizing logging and metrics infrastructure, and adding functions for advanced customer usage reports.

Application Process

The hiring process consists of initial screenings via questionnaire and coding challenge, an interview with the CTO, a live coding session, an interview with the founders, and finally, a job offer if deemed a suitable fit. Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years Java programming experience and familiarity with Spring.

Application is available via the website's link.

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Software development


November 10, 2023


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