Sr. Front end Developer

A Senior Frontend Developer demonstrates a broad depth of domain understanding, with commercial experience in multiple aspects, platforms, and frameworks. They are often seen as the delivery powerhouses on principally Drupal-based projects where they support decision-making leaders, especially around systems architecture.

A Senior Frontend Developer’s breadth of knowledge makes them exceptional domain problem solvers and core contributors to the community through demonstrations and guidelines. They are well-respected for their domain abilities and authority at Axelerant.

A Senior Frontend Developer at Axelerant could progress to a Staff Engineer role within four years.


  • Responsible for designing and building high-traffic Frontend applications with non-trivial content structure and functionality
  • Responsible for guiding technical discussions with both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Responsible for mutually agreeable outcomes with clients, partners, and other stakeholders
  • Responsible for complex Frontend development tasks, including custom libraries development
  • Responsible for understanding how system functions contribute to the strategic direction of the business and the ability to make valuable contributions
  • Responsible for solving problems effectively by gathering insight from team members, ensuring that they have all the information they need for accurate analysis and consideration, involving them, and supporting them as needed
  • Responsible for identifying, analyzing, and solving problems systematically rather than solely by intuition or instinct; looking for root causes, not just symptoms of the pain; weighing pros and cons of actions; and deciding when to escalate issues
  • Responsible for coaching and mentoring to team and colleagues
  • Responsible for transforming requirements into technical architecture and then into tasks delegated to team members.
  • Responsible for documenting incidents and issues for communication and reference purposes.
  • Responsible for application performance through JavaScript profiling and code optimization.


  • Demonstrated relevant career experience.
  • Experience using agile methodologies.
  • Experience using Git source code versioning and platforms like GitHub or Gitlab.
  • Working in a consulting or agency environment with enterprise-level clients.
  • Experience with Drupal development technologies such as Drush and Composer.
  • Strong English communication and team collaboration skills.

Nice to Have

  • Able to collaborate in a multi-time zone environment
  • 2+ years of Drupal experience
  • Actively contributing to open-source projects
  • Coachable leadership and presentation skills
  • Committed to delivering high-quality software on time
  • Desire to learn and adapt through boring and innovative methodologies and technologies
  • Drupal 8 experience with Twig, theme suggestions, and preprocessing
  • Experience building offline experiences and Progressive Web Applications
  • Expertise in advanced JavaScript concepts and ES2015+
  • Expertise in building Single Page Applications using frameworks like Angular, Vue, or React
  • Proficient in Object-Oriented and Functional Programming in JavaScript
  • Experience interacting with RESTful APIs and formats (JSON, XML) and integration with CMSes.
  • Experience providing technical consulting and support
  • Experience with CI tools (Jenkins, Travis, or Circle).
  • Experience with cloud-based infrastructure and large scale application deployment
  • Experience with Drupal-adjunct techniques such as the LAMP platform, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience with Git, using the terminal, and managing Frontend systems with package managers such as NPM and tools like Gulp
  • Experience with Node.js and NPM ecosystem.
  • Experience with other content management systems and open-source technologies
  • Expert knowledge of CSS tools and methodologies such as Sass, PostCSS, OOCSS, SMACSS, BEM
  • Understand how backend applications work.
  • Understand BDD and TDD and are willing to write the test automation.

Special Considerations

All of Axelerant’s roles are considered work from anywhere. However, some jobs are regionally specific. For example, for US sales roles, we will not consider people living in Costa Rica. And, we typically expect people to have a two-hour crossover with the 11 AM to 7 PM India (UTC+05:30) timezone each workday for meetings and coaching. Usually, our salaries are India-based, though some regional overrides exist.

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Software development


November 1, 2022


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