Planning Center: UX Designer (Product)

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UX/UI Designer needed at Planning Center for web & mobile applications. Role includes designing, collaborating & improving software aimed at churches.

About Planning Center

Planning Center is a remote company based in Carlsbad, California. They build powerful applications for churches with a suite of eight products, each with its dedicated team. Their wide range of customers includes large and small churches across the country.

Role Description

The company is currently hiring a UX/UI designer to shape digital experiences for Planning Center users. The designer is expected to create visually appealing and functionally enjoyable products. The individual will be a part of the centralized UX Design team and report to the Director of Product Design. The role includes leading projects, designing strategies, and promoting consistency across products.

Core Values

Planning Center seeks candidates who embody their core values: Engage with Humility, Invest in our team, Do Our Best Work, Focus on Customer Impact, and Think Holistically, Work Iteratively.

Hiring Process

The hiring process allows applicants to interact with numerous team members, including our Recruiting and Growth Strategist and several designers from the Product Design Team. It comprises several stages, including an initial phone call, an online design exercise, a Zoom interview, and finally, an offer.


The candidate should be a full-time US resident, eligible to work in the country. They should have an impressive portfolio and prior experience in web-based product design. Proficiency in HTML, CSS, React and design tools like Figma is required. The candidate should also possess strong communication skills and a sense of composition, UI design, and UX best practices.


Planning Center offers top-tier salaries based on New York City rates, contributes to employees’ 401k, matches charitable gifts, and provides education allowances. Employees get Fridays off in the summer, a month-long sabbatical every five years, break during Christmas and New Year's, service leave, and paid vacation. The company also offers generous health benefits, including 95% medical and 100% dental premium coverage.

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Planning Center

Carlsbad, California

Design and arts


November 22, 2023


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