Sanctuary Computer: Technical Studio Lead

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Job opening for a Studio Lead at Sanctuary Computer, a company looking for experienced engineering managers who favor a worker-first environment.

Work at Sanctuary Computer as a Studio Lead

Sanctuary Computer, with headquarters in NYC, has an open position for a Studio Lead. The successful candidate will work alongside two other Studio Leads to support project teams, help define the studio's strategy, and spearhead internal projects towards realizing the company vision. The company seeks a Studio Lead who will promote a culture of intellectual curiosity and a persistent drive for improvement. This environment encourages pushing the boundaries of technical projects on a yearly basis.

Given the responsibilities assigned to this role, Sanctuary Computer believes that the right candidate would have about ten years of experience in their career. Such a candidate would preferably have previous experience as an Engineering Manager. The candidate might also be someone slightly wearied by the aggressive corporate culture of big tech companies, hence would be intrigued by the possibility of working in a worker-first company. Sanctuary Computer's unique offerings include profit sharing and the option for a 4-day workweek.

If this opportunity appeals to you, you are encouraged to read the full job posting to understand more about the role, the studio, and the compensation program. Interested parties can apply via the WeWorkRemotely portal where Sanctuary Computer's vacancy of Technical Studio Lead has been listed.

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Sanctuary Computer


Project Management


November 23, 2023


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