Senior Associate - Operations and Human Resources

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GDI seeks a self-motivated professional for Senior Associate - Operations and HR, reinforcing finance, operations, and talent teams in social impact start-ups.

About GDI

A transformational development venture incubator, GDI, builds and scales the next generation of social impact solutions across various sectors such as climate, agriculture, and health. The organization works over 12-36 months with early-stage initiatives to design their business strategy, brand identity, and financial and operational infrastructure.

Since 2013, GDI has shaped over 40 social impact ventures. They also offer information and resources on their website.

Job Description

GDI is seeking a self-driven individual to expand their knowledge in international development nonprofit operations. The role of the Senior Associate – Operations and Human Resources involves supporting the finance, operations, and talent teams and ensuring effective operations, subcontracting and subaward management for GDI, its subsidiaries, and other initiatives. The position demands initiative and resourcefulness, trend analysis, proposal of new procedures, and maintaining robust relationships with internal and external customers.

The said position reports to the Associate Director of Operations. Salary is between $70,000 to $85,000 and the position is a permanent telework one with no specific location requirement.


These range from managing subcontracting activities, drafting and implementing subawards, offering quality support to staff and external partners, supporting business operations launch activities, assisting with donor due diligence activities, to implementing systems for tracking procurement documentation, among others.

For Human Resources, responsibilities include supporting recruitment efforts, coordinating new employee orientation and onboarding, assisting with employee benefits administration, managing compliance training processes and supporting performance review processes.


The role requires an interest in learning new skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with at least three years of progressive experience in a related position, familiarity with areas like subcontracting, recruitment and talent management, operations management in a non-profit organization, excellent written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple priorities.

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November 23, 2023


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