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Seeking a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Subspace Labs. Lead our marketing, communications and ecosystem initiatives. Foster our global Subspace Network adoption.

Chief Marketing Officer Job Announcement

Subspace Labs, a startup pioneering at the intersection of AI and Web3, is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). This globally distributed and growing team is preparing to launch its mainnet, the Subspace Network, a decentralized blockchain powered by a unique proof-of-archival storage (PoAS) consensus mechanism. The role presents a chance to lead in a revolution within the Web3 landscape.

Key Responsibilities

As the Chief Marketing Officer, the successful applicant will be responsible for driving global adoption of the Subspace Network while managing marketing and ecosystem efforts. Leading, mentoring, and enhancing the marketing and partnerships teams, they will leverage data to develop Subspace's brand positioning and guide the existing marketing plan. They're expected to strategize, plan and execute go-to-market campaigns for new products.

Besides, they'll measure and report on campaign effectiveness, oversee communication across all marketing channels, and cultivate community growth and partnerships. The CMO will also coordinate with product and engineering teams to run marketing experiments. Another crucial responsibility will be to ensure alignment of marketing efforts with token economics and crypto-economic incentive mechanisms. Relationship building with media, influencers, and industry analysts will be integral.


The potential candidate must have five years of marketing experience, including management roles, community engagement, and product launches, and at least three years in the Web3 Industry. Early-stage tech startup experience is a must. They should possess strong analytical skills, innovative marketing campaign capability, a knack for conveying complex concepts, and a multitasking ability.


Subspace Labs provides the opportunity to work remotely. They offer a competitive salary with impressive equity and token allowances. Medical, dental, and vision insurance are covered, and there is a unique opportunity to influence the future of the internet. Team off-sites are also organized globally.

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Subspace Labs




November 24, 2023


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