International HR/People Operations Coordinator

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Join Hugging Face, the leader in developing pre-trained machine learning models, as an HR Coordinator working in areas including legal compliance, onboarding, and benefits.

About Hugging Face

Hugging Face is a leading enterprise that is committed to promoting efficient machine learning and increasing its accessibility. It takes pride in its rapidly expanding open-source library of pre-trained models, boasting over half a million models and over 250,000 stars on Github. More than 15,000 companies, including industry-leading organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Elastic, Salesforce, Grammarly, and NASA, are using Hugging Face tools for their operations.

Position Details

The company is on the lookout for one of its first People Ops/HR Coordinators. Responsibilities for the role include preparing employment agreements, maintaining compliance with local laws from various regions, overseeing onboarding and offboarding processes, and providing day-to-day support in areas such as benefits, visas, and payroll. The coordinator will also liaise with French and international administrations and external service providers.

About The Candidate

An ideal candidate has a legal or HR educational background with over three years of experience as a People Ops/HR specialist in a startup-like company. The candidate should be autonomous, independent, communicative, and possess strategic thinking, problem-solving, and organizational skills. The candidate should prioritize employee experience and foster inclusion in the diverse workforce. Proficiency in French and English is mandatory for this role.

Working at Hugging Face

Hugging Face values diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering a supportive workplace culture that respects individual differences. The company offers learning and development opportunities and provides reimbursement for relevant conferences and training. It also provides flexible working hours, remote work options, health benefits, parental leave, and unlimited paid time off. All employees receive company equity as part of their compensation package, and remote employees are encouraged to visit Hugging Face's offices in NYC and Paris.

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Hugging Face

Remote, NYC and Paris



November 25, 2023


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