MailerLite: Brand Designer

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MailerLite is hiring a Brand Designer to shape their brand's visual identity and create captivating experiences across various channels.

MailerLite Brand Designer Job

MailerLite, one of the world's fastest-growing marketing and email automation platforms, is looking to hire a Brand Designer. With a team of over 150, MailerLite provides services to nearly 2 million creators and businesses globally.

This job opening is a golden opportunity for a self-driven individual who demonstrates creativity and the ability to cooperate in a team. The candidate will be instrumental in developing visually appealing experiences that strengthen the MailerLite brand.

The Brand Designer's primary role will revolve around shaping the visual identity and perception of the MailerLite brand. This implies development and documentation of brand guidelines to maintain consistency across various channels and mediums. The candidate will be tasked to navigate the company's visual brand story across multiple platforms such as social media, blogs, videos, and advertising banners.

Why Join MailerLite?

MailerLite offers a six-point advantage to potential candidates for this job. These encompass primary design for brand identity, personal growth and development opportunities, full responsibility of assigned tasks, access to a team of experts for assistance, a remote work culture, and a stable work environment.

Job Responsibilities

The Brand Designer's responsibilities will involve creating visuals and graphics for advertising campaigns, email marketing, social media posts and other promotional materials. The candidate will also be in charge of designing and supervising the production of brand collaterals like t-shirts, stickers, presentations, and other promo items. The candidate is expected to stay current with modern design trends and technologies to ensure sustained engagement of the brand's visual identity.

Job Expectations

MailerLite seeks a candidate with a strong portfolio showcasing their expertise in designing for various marketing channels. Proficiency in design software like Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects), Figma or Sketch is critical. A willingness to explore new techniques and tools that can enhance the quality and efficiency of design work is also important. In addition to professional requirements, MailerLite wishes to hire a candidate who demonstrates a positive attitude, team player abilities, openness, proactiveness, and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

The Offer

The selected candidate will be offered a yearly gross salary ranging between $50,000 and $85,000 alongside various benefits such as international health insurance, paid retreats, vacation days, sick days, creative days, parental leave, and a MacBook among others. The job advertises a remote-first culture, which means that the candidate can work from anywhere around the globe.

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Design and arts


November 30, 2023


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