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Metaplane is a data observability platform assisting teams in monitoring data pipelines, ensuring quality, founded by MIT and HubSpot alums.

Metaplane's Observability Platform

Metaplane, a venture based in Boston, provides a platform that helps companies monitor their data pipelines efficiently. Their technology enables teams to identify and troubleshoot issues before they escalate into major problems. Companies like Imperfect Foods, Reforge, Drift, Vendr, Appcues and more leverage Metaplane's technology. The founders have an impressive background from MIT and HubSpot.

Metaplane's Investors

Metaplane's backing comes from significant investors including Y Combinator, Flybridge and various high-profile Angel investors. Some of these investors include founders of other successful companies such as HubSpot, Okta, and Lookout.

Senior Marketing Designer Role

Metaplane recognizes that a great product needs to be complemented with effective marketing. They are seeking a Senior Marketing Designer who will guide their freelance creatives on aspects including design and animation. As the driving force behind the visual identity of the brand, this role will involve close collaboration with the broader team.


The role requires the design of a unique visual identity for the brand, cultivation of creative genius, creation of visually compelling artwork and management of relationships with freelancers. It also requires the creation of processes and systems to facilitate scaled production.


Preferred candidates would need to have extensive experience in brand or marketing design, particularly for technical B2B SaaS startups. They need to be effective managers, able to multitask and meet deadlines, and have a strong portfolio. In addition, they need to have a relevant degree and be comfortable using creative production tools such as Figma.

Working at Metaplane

Metaplane offers a competitive salary with equity, full health insurance, a 401(k) plan with employer match, work-from-home stipend, and opportunity to work closely with a collaborative team. Metaplane equally values diversity, inclusion and encourages people with varied backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to apply even if they meet less than 100% of the requirements.

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December 2, 2023


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