LeadSimple: Lead Generation Specialist

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LeadSimple seeks a detail-oriented Lead Generation Specialist for data acquisition and CRM utilization, proficiency in research, and cross-platform analysis.

About the Position

LeadSimple is on a mission to hire a Lead Generation Specialist. The role involves sourcing and assembling precise contact information for decision makers in Residential Property Management. The specialist will support Business Development Representatives (BDRs) with their outreach efforts by providing high-quality lead lists.

The daily operations include ensuring the accuracy of data and structuring it properly. The specialist should be able to leverage LeadSimple efficiently to organize lead data. The role involves strategic research across platforms like real estate listings, Sales Navigator, and others for lead generation. Collaboration with BDRs for specific requirements is also crucial.

Expectations for First 90 Days

In the first 30 days, the specialist should become proficient in utilizing lead generation tools and conduct initial research on 250 target companies. Analyzing the effectiveness of current methods and proposing improvements is also a goal. By 60 days, maintaining an 80% accuracy rate for 600 new companies is expected. The specialist should also test and refine lead generation methods based on feedback. By the 90 days mark, the specialist should have developed a robust repository for targeted outreach efforts with an 85% accuracy rate.


Benefit at LeadSimple include a monthly 'Friday Free Day', company holidays, PTO, health care and vacation allowances, a motivating work environment, location freedom and a cause-centered company culture.

Requirements and Application Process

Ideal applicants should be open to learning new technology, communicate effectively, proactively seek solutions, embody emotional maturity, and have a positive attitude. B2B SaaS experience is preferred. The hiring process includes an application, video questionnaire, an interview with a member of the People Operations team, an offline work sample test, an interview with the Hiring Manager, possible panel interview, and finally an offer call.


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December 3, 2023


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