LeadSimple, Inc.: Business Development Representative

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LeadSimple is seeking a driven Business Development Representative. Role involves lead generation, CRM maintenance, and strategy creation.

LeadSimple's Business Development Representative Role

LeadSimple, a company offering CRM solutions to help simplify growth and streamline operations for businesses, is looking to hire a Business Development Representative. Based in Washington State, U.S.A. with location independence, the company is aiming to recruit a self-starter who is confident and interested in a long-term sales career. The role aims to form a critical connection between LeadSimple and various business owners.


The responsibilities of the role involve making outbound communication to generate & qualify leads, creating relationships with clients, and managing demo schedules for the team. The representative will closely work with Account Executives to qualify leads and aggressively follow pipeline quotas. They will be expected to maintain CRM databases consistently and report on weekly results, both qualitative and quantitative. The role also requires the development and implementation of creative sales strategies.

First 90-Days Expectations:

In the first 90 days, the representative will take charge of the prospecting cycle from start to finish, understand all LeadSimple features and communicate them effectively. Moreover, they are expected to fulfill the monthly quota of 20 SQLs.

Perks and Benefits:

LeadSimple offers perks like company holidays, paid time off, a monthly healthcare allowance, and a yearly vacation allowance. The company promotes a fun yet outcome-driven work environment that encourages smart work. Being mission-driven and having a values-based culture characterizes the team at LeadSimple.

Application Process:

The application process involves filling out an application, submitting written and video response to questions, interviewing with People Operations, and the hiring manager. There also are possibilities of panel interviews and a leadership interview. The hiring process ends with an offer call followed by a written offer. The selected candidate will go through a 90-day onboarding process.

LeadSimple appreciates candidates having at least a year's experience in a similar role, displaying exceptional drive and passion for results, willing to learn new skills, and possessing emotional maturity. They also need to have their internet and smartphone and fluency in English.

Join LeadSimple:

LeadSimple invites individuals who believe they can thrive in such an environment and make an impact for customers. Currently, the company is only accepting applications from Central America, South America, and Africa.

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Washington State, U.S.A. Central America, South America, and Africa



December 4, 2023


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