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Uscreen, a bootstrapped, product-led SaaS business, is hiring an SEO Outreach Specialist for brand authority establishment via networking.

Uscreen: The SaaS Business Empowering Creators

Uscreen, the product-led SaaS business, is revolutionizing the concept of video creation entrepreneurship. This platform allows video creators to earn revenue from subscriptions, communities, applications, and live-streaming, all accessed on different mediums including the web, mobile, and TV. More than 25,000 creators use Uscreen to launch and manage their businesses, collectively generating hundreds of millions of dollars.

New Job Opening: A Passionate SEO Outreach Specialist Required

Uscreen is currently looking for an SEO Outreach Specialist. This individual will have close involvement with other teams, particularly Marketing and Product. The fundamental role would focus on building the brand's authority by establishing strong networking and relationships.

The Role: Grow with Uscreen

The responsibilities of the SEO Outreach Specialist include: identifying the target audience and forming an effective outreach approach; creating pitch-driven custom emails for the target audiences; organizing, executing, and overseeing multiple-offsite SEO campaigns; forging and nurturing relationships with bloggers, journalists, and creators; monitoring traffic achieved from link placements and delivering reports to stakeholders; collaborating with other teams within the organization and continuously striving to optimize the outreach strategies.

The Ideal Candidate: Are You Up for the Challenge?

Applicants should be creative marketers, with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in successful outreach programs. They should demonstrate a proven record of earning valuable links and mentions, and building relationships. Applicants must be native or near-native English speakers, and able to overlap at least 4 hours with Eastern Time. They should have outstanding communication, negotiation, project management, copywriting and editing skills, and experience in using SEO tools. Applicants must be highly organized and experienced in SEO and Creator Economy.

Work with Uscreen: We Value You

Uscreen promises competitive compensation along with numerous benefits including an unlimited paid time off policy, provision of best-in-class training and workshops, a clear growth plan, 100% remote working opportunities, flexible parental leave, home office setup stipend, personal development and mental wellness stipend, and virtual social gatherings to keep you connected with the Uscreen family.

Take the Next Step: Apply Today

Interested individuals should click the 'Apply for this position' button and complete the short form. Successful candidates will be invited for a first-round interview. Uscreen is a staunch believer in diversity and equal opportunity, and applications are welcome from all backgrounds.

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January 14, 2024


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