Director of Human Resources & People Operations Manager

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Big Viking Games is hiring an HR & People Operations Director. They'll manage HR responsibilities, help teams reach their potential and shape our companies' culture.

About the Role and Companies

Big Viking Games and its sister company are seeking a Human Resources & People Operations Director to aid in creating an inclusive and collaborative community. The holder of this role will construct strategic plans to enhance the HR practices within both companies.

Being high-tech companies involved in game and mobile app development, these two firms have a diverse and passionate workforce. They require an adept, people-focused leader to strengthen and support the People function to enable the team to attain their full potential.

Detailed Job Responsibilities

The successful candidate will be a director-level HR or People Operations generalist, handling comprehensive HR responsibilities across both organizations that extend from recruitment to benefits.

People Operations include:

  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Culture & Engagement
  • Learning & Development
  • Talent Management

HR Administration duties entail:

  • Administering Compensation and benefits structures
  • Managing vendor Relationships
  • Assisting with internal communication strategy implementation
  • Ensuring legislative compliance
  • Managing and maintaining HR records and reporting.


The preferred candidate should have at least five years of HR experience with proficiency in managing the full employee lifecycle. Extensive knowledge of relevant legislation and proficiency in tools like Google Workspace and HRIS systems is crucial. An ideal candidate should also have remote or hybrid work experience, excellent communication skills, and the ability to establish an HR department.


The benefits package comes with Health, Dental, Vision benefits, generous PTO, competitive salaries, professional growth, health & wellness benefits among others. The role also offers a completely remote work environment.


Those who are passionate about joining a gaming company and qualify for the post can send in their resumes, cover letters, and portfolios. Big Viking Games is committed to providing accommodations for all candidates, including those with disabilities, throughout the hiring process.

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Big Viking Games




January 16, 2024


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