Scanz: Kotlin / Java Backend Developer

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Backend Developer job opportunity at Scanz. Proficiency in Kotlin/Java and Spring Webflux required. Remote role with competitive benefits.

Job Opportunity: Backend Developer at Scanz

Scanz, a leading SaaS Trader Terminal providing a suite of real-time trading tools, is looking for an expert-level Backend Developer to join their team. The company, based in the Bahamas, offers remote work options and a dynamic work environment. One will be required to contribute to the development of robust, scalable server-side applications and data pipelines, primarily using Spring Webflux and Kotlin (and Java).

The Backend Developer will be responsible for designing and implementing server-side logic using Spring Webflux and Kotlin. They will also be required to build robust, reliable, fault-tolerant data pipelines capable of processing millions of operations daily and collaborate with front-end developers for integrating user-facing elements with server-side logic. Furthermore, their responsibilities will involve developing and maintaining APIs, contributing to database design and implementation (PostgreSQL), improving the system’s throughput, scaling services horizontally, and participating in weekly standups.

To qualify for this role, applicants must possess strong proficiency in Kotlin / Java, Spring Webflux, and Reactive Streams back pressure. Other essential skills include strong problem-solving and analytical skills, excellent collaboration and communication skills within an asynchronous environment, and experience with containerization technologies. A deep-level understanding of distributed systems is also required, along with solid knowledge of testing pyramid, specifically unit, integration, and E2E tests. Readiness and desire to participate in code reviews are also mandatory.

Tech Stack

The tech stack for this role includes Kotlin, Spring Webflux, Ktor Server, Kotlin Coroutines, RSocket, Ktor Client, Kotlinx Serialization, Quartz, Kotest + JUnit, and Gradle for the back end. Meanwhile, the front end tech stack includes Kotlin Multiplatform, React (with hooks), SharedWorker, TypeScript, NPM, and Gradle. The job also involves tools for Infrastructure such as AWS + S3, Prometheus, Grafana, Jenkins, and Github.

Interested applicants can submit their applications online via the company's hiring page on WeWorkRemotely.

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Software development


January 18, 2024


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