Parallax: Senior Software Engineer

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Join Parallax as a Senior Software Engineer with a minimum of 5 years experience, customer focus and clear communication skills. Remote-friendly.

Parallax Senior Software Engineer Position

Parallax, a company based in New York, is looking to recruit ambitious engineers who are kind-hearted and ready to shape the foundation of their product and company culture. This is a senior role requiring at least five years of professional development experience. The ideal candidate should have the ability to undertake projects from conception to deployment.

The company’s tech stack largely comprises Elixir (Phoenix, LiveView, Oban, etc) with Postgres. While prior knowledge of Elixir is not mandatory, familiarity with a similar tech web app is crucial. The role requires a product mindset with a strong customer focus and a love for learning and autonomy. This means candidates should be enthusiastic about getting to grips with a new programming language like Elixir or understanding the details of a customer payment workflow.

Importantly, clear and open communication is a must, as is an enthusiasm for culture and team-building. An early hire will have significant influence on the development of the company's culture. No prior experience in Elixir, fintech, or crypto is necessary although it could be an advantage; the firm is more interested in candidates' readiness and excitement to learn.

Benefits and other Information

Competitive salary and equity compensation are offered, with 100% coverage of benefits (health, dental, and vision) in the US, flexible hours, a remote-first environment, and a company-provided laptop. Additionally, the company follows an unlimited PTO policy with 11 US company holidays. Twice a year, all-expenses-paid, week-long, in-person team gatherings are organised.

Although Parallax operates with a remote-first philosophy, it values in-person interaction and has bi-annual team-wide meetups fully sponsored by the company. The founders, based in New York, have a decade-long experience of leading distributed teams. Parallax adopts a pragmatic approach to tech choices with a focus on business-driving work while maintaining a healthy balance between quality and shipping speed. It is a legitimate company offering a full-time position with standard perks including a discretionary work budget and flexible PTO.

The company upholds an inclusive policy, encouraging people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to apply. Even if applicants do not meet 100% of the requirements, they are still encouraged to apply.

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New York

Software development


January 20, 2024


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