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ISMIRA Agency is recruiting for the position of Human Resource Manager for VIKING OCEAN CRUISES. Explore the benefits and responsibilities.

Job Posting: Human Resource Manager for VIKING OCEAN CRUISES

ISMIRA Agency is presently recruiting for the position of Human Resource Manager for VIKING OCEAN CRUISES. In collaboration with the department heads, the HR Manager would be charged with the strategic implementation of HR processes and procedures across all departments onboard the cruise ship. Some responsibilities include managing employee relations, communication, development, counseling and quality of life.

Being a part of the VIKING OCEAN CRUISES team offers various benefits such as paid flights to and from the ship, legal employment based on a 10-hour workday, and fixed return dates at the end of your contract. There are also free Wi-Fi and accommodation, and plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement.

Responsibilities of the Human Resource Manager Role

The appointed Human Resource Manager will offer an accessible environment to handle employee issues and conflicts. They will develop and evaluate HR processes, making sure they comply with legal and regulatory requirements. S/he will ensure adherence to Time and Attendance Procedures in line with company and Maritime Labor Convention regulations, deal with employee performance or policy violations, manage crew scheduling requests, and handle the employee resignation process.

The Manager is also to play a vital role in communicating organizational changes and new company policies. It’s important to establish a career progression process onboard, be familiar with the Human Resources Manual & Shipboard Training, work hour policies & procedures, lead and support a multi-cultural team, and provide necessary guidance and training to all crew.

Your Profile

Ideal candidates should have at least 5 years of experience as a Human Resource Manager or similar position, and a diploma in HR Management. Prior experience in a similar position on ship is crucial. Candidates will need strong administrative skills, fluency in English, flexibility, stress resistance and a professional appearance. Being a team player, the ability to work independently with no visible tattoos is also important.

To apply, you can submit your resume by clicking the 'Apply to position' button or send your CV to APPLY@ ISMIRA.LT.

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January 21, 2024


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