Locally: Full-Stack Engineer

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Join Locally as a Full Stack Engineer creating UI/UX & APIs with skills like JavaScript, PHP, & React for a competitive salary & benefits.

About Locally

Locally is on a mission to create the largest network of specialty brands and retailers, simplifying the process of shopping online while supporting local businesses. Founded in 2013, the company offers tools that have significantly enhanced local economies by enabling consumers to buy products from local retailers conveniently. Partnering with notable brands and retailers such as Yeti, Trek, Sonos, and REI, Locally has become a global platform with over 30 million unique monthly shoppers, generating more than 2 billion annual engagements.

Job Opportunity: Full Stack Engineer

The company seeks a Full Stack Engineer with at least 5 years of professional development experience to join their all-remote development team. The candidate would be responsible for creating and maintaining user interfaces and user experiences in JavaScript/TypeScript/React, developing server-side support services and APIs in PHP/Laravel, and collaborating closely within the remote engineering team during bi-weekly Agile Scrum sprints.

Desired Skills and Experience

Candidates should have robust experience with TypeScript, React and Redux Single Page Applications (SPAs), web package managers and task runners, the PHP programming language along with MVC pattern understanding, CSS foundations, and pre-processors like Sass or Tailwind. Knowledge of API architecture, including REST and GraphQL, and maintenance of SDKs is also required. Bonus points are given for experience with Google Cloud Functions, visualization libraries, and mobile development with Flutter or React Native.

Working at Locally

Locally prides itself on being a mission-driven company that fosters a casual yet rewarding work environment and supports the professional growth of its employees. Technologies in use include Go, Node, BigQuery, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, and GCP tooling. The role offers a competitive salary, personal and team bonus opportunities, a stock option program, and a comprehensive benefits package including major medical and dental coverage, a retirement plan, and the option to join a paid on-call SRE rotation.

Company Culture and Benefits

The company operates with a 100% remote team, maintaining communication through Slack, and offers competitive salaries, benefits that include stock options, PTO, retirement plans, and medical/dental coverage.

Commitment to Equality

Locally is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its hiring or employment decisions. They embrace a diverse and inclusive work environment where every team member is valued.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in the Full Stack Engineer position can apply through the provided job listing URL on the We Work Remotely website.

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Software development


January 24, 2024


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