VP, Talent Management

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Join Therapy Brands as the VP of Talent Management and play a pivotal role in shaping our team's success through strategic talent initiatives.

Company Overview

Therapy Brands stands as a premier partner in healthcare technology, specifically servicing the mental, behavioral, and rehabilitative therapy sectors. They provide comprehensive practice management, data, and billing solutions that optimize clinical and financial outcomes. Recognized for making therapy practices more efficient, Therapy Brands supports thousands of practices, helping them to streamline operations, boost revenue, and concentrate on patient care. Further details about the company can be found on their website at therapybrands.com.

Job Opportunity: Vice President of Talent Management

This executive role is a keystone in the People Ops team at Therapy Brands, tasked with leading and strategizing talent management as well as organizational learning. Reporting to the Chief People Officer and collaborating with various leaders, the key responsibilities of the Vice President of Talent Management encompass guiding team member development, nurturing leadership effectiveness, managing change, shaping the company culture, and enhancing engagement and team development.


The role includes crafting and executing a learning strategy aligned with the company's objectives, fostering a growth culture, improving performance management, overseeing the HR Business Partner team, ensuring HR policy compliance, and maintaining a high level of collaboration with senior leadership to fulfill talent needs and implement HR solutions. A crucial part of the job is also about managing and cultivating a high-performing HR team and undertaking other relevant duties and special projects as needed.


The position requires a Bachelor's degree and extensive HR or talent experience, including over five years in a talent or Learning & Development leadership function. Professional HR and L&D certifications are considered advantageous. The ideal candidate will demonstrate outstanding communication skills, leadership development expertise, a deep understanding of adult learning theories, change management, and the capability to influence key stakeholders within a decentralized learning environment.

Additional Information

Therapy Brands encourages applicants who might not meet every criterion but possess unique strengths and perspectives, advocating for diversity and inclusion. Emphasizing that all information will be treated with confidentiality and highlighting their commitment to non-discriminatory practices and fostering an inclusive culture.

Diversity at Therapy Brands

At Therapy Brands, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging are more than just words; they are integrated into the company’s ethos and cultural fabric. They aim to be recognized not only for their role in healthcare technology but also for their intentional promotion of a diverse community.

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Therapy Brands




January 24, 2024


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