Senior Full Stack Engineer

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Join Metaschool's mission to empower devs in the Web3 ecosystem. We're hiring a Senior Fullstack Developer with a passion for innovation and collaboration.

About Metaschool

Metaschool is a decentralized, remote-first company with a unifying mission to enable developers to build and prosper within the Web3 ecosystem. Teammates are based in various locations including Singapore, India, and Pakistan. Despite geographical borders, a shared goal of fostering developer growth in Web3 binds the team closely together.

Core Values of Metaschool

Metaschool operates on the principle that what one builds is more important than academic degrees or big-tech experience. Embracing individuality, the organization believes diversity is a core strength and encourages continuous daily improvement. Developers are the priority in all their undertakings, as Metaschool aims to create an environment of perpetual learning, shedding egos to foster knowledge acquisition. The ethos of the company promotes collaboration for shared success.

Role and Responsibilities

The company is in search of a Senior Fullstack Developer with over 4 years of development experience and knowledge of Next.js, HTML Tailwind, and Laravel. The new hire will be responsible for constructing and sustaining high-caliber web applications. The role is focused on frontend and server-side development, ensuring robust and maintainable systems, confronting complex performance issues, and staying abreast with technological advancements.

Candidate Profile

An ideal candidate is one with profound experience in full-stack development, particularly with React.js, Next.js, HTML Tailwind, Laravel, SQL databases, and JavaScript. Familiarity with Git and a capacity to solve problems while working in a collaborative environment is expected. Strong communication skills are essential.

Perks of Working at Metaschool

Metaschool offers more than just a job; it presents an opportunity to be a part of company-building processes. Benefits include a competitive salary, equity, health insurance, paid leave, and allowances for workstation setups and tech subscriptions.

The aspirational spirit of Metaschool is embodied in its commitment to a data-driven mission dedicated to the empowerment of developers. With a global presence, Metaschool is eagerly anticipating new members to join their dynamic team.

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Decentralized, remote-first company with team members based in various locations including Singapore, India, and Pakistan

Software development


January 25, 2024


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