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OP Labs is focused on enhancing Ethereum's scalability through the Optimism network and values open, innovative contributions to the open internet.

OP Labs: Scaling Ethereum and Advancing the Open Internet

OP Labs positions itself as an entity in alignment with Ethereum, working to address key challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem, particularly its performance and scalability. Initially starting as a non-profit research group, the team is passionately dedicated to scaling Ethereum's technology and values. Through the development of the Optimism network, OP Labs seeks to significantly improve Ethereum's performance and deliver this innovation transparently, aligning with the ethos of open source.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, OP Labs is uniquely positioned to reconcile private incentives with public welfare, driving initiatives that favor a sustainable future for the open internet. This commitment extends to the recruitment of talented individuals such as software engineers who are vital in steering the Superchain’s protocol governance and security.

Shaping the Future of Security and Governance in Blockchain

The security team at OP Labs is currently in search of a diligent software engineer ready to take the lead on the Superchain's protocol governance and multisig infrastructure. This role is instrumental in enhancing tooling and platforms that bolster the collaborative efforts of OP Labs, the Optimism Foundation, the Security Council, and the Governance team for effective onchain operations.

Responsibilities for this pivotal role include intertwining with various teams to build governance infrastructure, owning the technical aspects of the Security Council, and augmenting both internal and open-source multisig operation tools.

Desired Expertise and Attributes

The ideal candidate for the software engineer position should possess an extensive software engineering background, a robust grasp of blockchain technology, smart contracts, DAO mechanics, and experience in Solidity and typescript, among other technical proficiencies. A passion for decentralization and a high degree of proactivity are also crucial — looking to not only identify but resolve issues independently.

Why Choose OP Labs?

OP Labs stands out for its all-encompassing care for employees, including complete medical, dental, and vision coverage, and a generous 401K match. The company culture promotes transparency, mutual support, and collective achievement, making it an ideal environment for building a meaningful career. The team values diversity, believing a wide array of perspectives fortifies their work.

As a company deeply invested in the future of Ethereum and the open internet, OP Labs has been at the forefront of Ethereum scalability solutions since 2015. Committed to inclusion and supporting diverse contributions, OP Labs encourages applicants from all backgrounds to bring their unique voices to the table and join in their mission of innovation and advancement.

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OP Labs

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Software development


January 25, 2024


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