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Join Matter Labs as a Creative Director to define the vision for zkSync and lead a team in the vibrant web3 space, while enjoying a results-only, remote culture.

Introduction to Matter Labs and zkSync

At Matter Labs, the pursuit of personal freedom stands as the core driving force, as reflected in the company's philosophy that freedom fosters progress and prosperity. A spirit of unity guides the Matter Labs team, who focus their efforts not just on developing technology, but on advancing freedom for everyone. They share the ZK Credo as a testament to this commitment. The team's primary project, zkSync, is a groundbreaking, community-owned technical stack built upon Ethereum, featuring full open source status and credibility in its neutrality.

Building a Scalable Ethereum with Advanced Cryptography

Empowering the Ethereum network with scalability without sacrificing security or decentralization is a challenge that Matter Labs has embraced. Implementing zero-knowledge proofs, they aim to infinitely scale Ethereum. With strong backing from a diverse and expansive community, and substantial financial resources, Matter Labs is well-equipped to realize its ambition.

Opportunity for a Creative Director

Matter Labs seeks a creative visionary to join as the Creative Director, a role crucial for outlining and actualizing the creative ethos of one of the most exhilarating new technologies in the web3 landscape. The Creative Director will helm a team of designers and creatives, crafting compelling visual stories and interactive experiences for the crypto-native audience. This role is essential in solidifying a brand with community ownership and ensuring a standout digital presence.

Role and Responsibilities

The Creative Director will spearhead the formulation of creative strategy, brand development, team leadership, campaign development, UX/UI design, creative collaboration, trend analysis, and budget management, all aligned with promoting zkSync's network and brand identity.

Qualifications and Skills

Candidates for the Creative Director post should have proven leadership experience in a similar capacity, with a strong portfolio, proficiency in design software, robust leadership and communication talents, an innate understanding of digital design, UI/UX fundamentals, and a passion for driving innovation within a technological sphere. They should also possess project management skills and the ability to keep up with deadlines and budgets.

Additional Desirable Credentials

Though not mandatory, a degree in Design, Fine Arts, or a relevant discipline, and experience with tech product design in the software industry, are considered advantageous.

Culture and Remote Work at Matter Labs

Matter Labs supports a remote-first, results-oriented work environment that values freedom and ownership, welcoming individuals from various backgrounds without regard to race, gender, or sexual orientation. The company champions a polite, respectful workplace where political, religious, and sexual topics are set aside. This cultural foundation is geared toward fostering a positive-sum community and steering towards full decentralization.

Applying for the Role

Interested candidates who resonate with the role and want to join the mission-driven team at Matter Labs can apply for the position. The company operates across numerous time zones and, while not hiring directly in the US, remains open to US-based candidates willing to relocate. The remote-first structure allows for flexibility in the working environment and encourages people who align with Matter Labs' mission to take part in its growth.


Matter Labs provides an exciting opportunity for a Creative Director to make a significant impact in the ever-growing field of web3 technology, while upholding a culture of freedom, ownership, and inclusivity. With a strategic focus on advancing personal freedom and leveraging advanced technology, Matter Labs is a pivotal place for creative and visionary leaders to thrive.

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Matter Labs


Design and arts


January 25, 2024


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