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Join SmartLogic as a Software Developer skilled in Ruby on Rails/Phoenix/Elixir. Benefit from our community-focused culture, professional growth, and remote work.

Overview of SmartLogic and the Software Developer Position

SmartLogic is looking for a Software Developer adept in Ruby on Rails and/or Phoenix/Elixir to join their team, focusing on various aspects of software creation from planning to maintenance. Established in 2005, SmartLogic is committed to its employees, clients, and community initiatives such as youth development, apprenticeships, conferences, and micro grants.

Company Culture and Client Engagement

At SmartLogic, project durations vary, and relationships with clients can be long-term, catering to different sectors from nonprofits to local governments. Their work environment is structured to minimize context-switching by assigning developers to one project at a time, thus promoting dedicated focus on software excellence.


The developer's role at SmartLogic involves writing robust code, team collaboration, project management participation, and recording work time weekly. A key aspect is contributing towards the company's technical advancement and possessing a commitment to ongoing professional skill enhancement.


Applicants are expected to have professional experience in Ruby on Rails or Phoenix/Elixir, client communication skills, ability to work in a team, and eagerness to learn. Experience in decomposing client requirements and an interest in mobile app development with Flutter is also preferable. Familiarity with agile methodology is considered an advantage.

Benefits and Career Path

SmartLogic offers a clear career path with three levels for developers, each with its own salary band. The fully remote position includes health benefits, unlimited PTO, sick leave, parental leave, a retirement program, and a home office allowance. There's also an annual stipend for home office costs.

Emphasizing professional development, the company supports conference attendance, such as the yearly ElixirConf, provides resources for learning, and encourages engagement in community events.

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Software development


January 25, 2024


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