GemBox: .NET Developer

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Explore a career at GemBox: Seeking a skilled C# developer for our remote team, focusing on .NET components. Competitive salary & benefits. Apply now!

About GemBox Software

GemBox Software is a company based in Zagreb, Croatia, specializing in creating fast, efficient, and user-friendly .NET components for developers. They have a global reach, with products utilized by over 7000 companies, including highly reputable firms like NASA, Microsoft, and Ernst & Young. Their expertise lies primarily in various file formats handling such as Excel, Word, PDF, emails, and images, and they are additionally branching into the UI controls market.

Work Culture

The team at GemBox operates remotely across international locations. By leveraging an agile approach, specifically the Kanban framework, the company thrives on well-structured documentation, asynchronous communication, and a preference for documentation over real-time chat. Interested candidates can get an in-depth understanding of their working philosophy by reading the public company manual available online.

Job Opportunity

Currently, GemBox is on the lookout for an accomplished C# programmer to join its remote workforce. The role entails developing new, enhancing existing, and repairing current APIs, which requires a deep understanding of various technical aspects, including design patterns, data structures, algorithms, and protocols. The role is not simply about coding; it involves creating documentation and API examples, writing unit tests, performing code reviews, and maintaining a high standard of communication in English.


Applicants should have robust experience in C# programming, a good grasp of the .NET ecosystem (including Framework, Core, Standard), and excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal.

Remuneration and Benefits

GemBox offers an attractive remuneration package, ranging from $55,000 to $75,000 per year. Enhancing their remote work policy, the company provides flexible work hours, covers coworking space costs, supports work-related education expenses, and observes paid leave policies adhering to the employee's local public holidays. Employees also benefit from 24 days of paid vacation, paid sick leave, and special leave arrangements like parental leave.

How to Apply

Candidates who align with the GemBox’s requirements are encouraged to take an initial screening test available through their job posting link. Successful applicants will then proceed to a video interview with a team lead, which could lead to an official job offer for the position.

To apply or further explore this opportunity, interested developers can visit the specified remote job listing link for GemBox's .NET developer position.

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GemBox Software


Software development


January 25, 2024


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