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Explore The Graph's role in web3 development, building and querying open APIs with subgraphs, and opportunities to join its vibrant ecosystem.

Introduction to The Graph

The Graph is a cutting-edge indexing protocol pivotal for querying data on blockchain networks such as Ethereum and IPFS. It enables users to construct and share open APIs, known as subgraphs, simplifying the accessibility of data. It forms a core part of web3, a newer, more transparent Internet layer, ensuring data integrity through open networks. The Graph ensures data queries are swift, reliable, and secure, thereby empowering developers to create decentralized applications (dapps) with groundbreaking features aimed at tackling significant global issues.

The Graph Foundation's Mission

The Graph Foundation dedicates itself to nurturing the ecosystem's long-term prosperity. It actively encourages community engagement and is open to individuals proposing roles that could enhance The Graph's team, even if not immediately seeking such positions.

Engagement Opportunities

While waiting for the right role to materialize within The Graph's ecosystem, individuals are encouraged to participate through programs like the Grants Program, which fosters development and collaboration, or the Advocates Program, which acts as a gateway to web3.

About The Graph

Referred to as the indexing and query layer of web3, The Graph powers developers with the tools to build subgraphs—open APIs deployed via a self-serve experience since July 2021. These subgraphs are essential for applications to interact with and process data across various blockchain networks, including Ethereum, NEAR, and others. Currently, the Graph supports a wide array of networks with the intention to expand further. A testament to its success, thousands of subgraphs have been deployed, serving developers from numerous high-profile applications.

How Developers Can Use The Graph

Developers looking to build applications can leverage subgraphs for indexing and presenting blockchain data within user interfaces. The Graph facilitates this through its Subgraph Studio and Graph Explorer tools, enhancing the performance of data handling in applications. It invites developers to participate as Indexers, Curators, or Delegators within the mainnet ecosystem.

Community and Support

The Graph boasts a dynamic and growing developer community, offering support through various channels, including The Graph Discord and Telegram groups as well as social media platforms. The community is open, collaborative, and ready to welcome new contributors.

The Graph Foundation and Ecosystem

Overseeing The Graph Network is The Graph Foundation, managed by the Technical Council. The ecosystem consists of multiple organizations like Edge & Node, StreamingFast, and others, all contributing to the growth and development of the network.

Joining The Graph

Interested parties can join the ecosystem remotely as The Graph welcomes talent from all over, promoting a flexible and inclusive work environment.

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The Graph Foundation


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January 26, 2024


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