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Join Argyle's mission to transform consumer finance with real-time income data and own your financial data. Apply to be part of our remote-first, innovative team.

Join Argyle: Innovators at the Forefront of Consumer Financial Data

Argyle, a rapidly expanding Series B startup, is addressing a critical data obstacle faced by the consumer finance industry. Traditional finance relies on outdated, static documentation such as credit reports and paystubs. This documentation is no longer suitable for present-day needs and fails to facilitate the smooth functioning of financial operations. Moreover, credit bureaus control personal data without consent, creating a complex system that hinders financial accessibility and stifles innovation.

Argyle emerges as the solution to these problems. As a real-time income data platform, Argyle enables users to connect their employment data directly to various financial applications and services. This connection streamlines the approval processes, allowing users to access essential financial resources effortlessly. Additionally, service providers gain from simplified operations and improved insights, significantly reducing costs and risk.

The core mission of Argyle is to empower consumers to take control of their income, employment, and identity data. By doing so, Argyle envisions a financial ecosystem that is more equitable, efficient, and serves everyone's interests.

About the Team and Role

Argyle is populated by passionate professionals from around the world. The Scanner Engineering squads are particularly integral to Argyle's infrastructure, focusing on creating and fine-tuning integrations with various platforms. This often involves reverse engineering and innovative problem-solving. As part of this talented engineering group, you'll seek solutions to new challenges while contributing significantly to Argyle's overarching goals.

In your role, you will be responsible for the development and maintenance of Scanners, advancement of shared libraries and frameworks, and maintaining active communication with different teams. Python is the primary programming language at Argyle, alongside notable libraries and technologies such as Celery, Playwright, Pytest, Docker, Kubernetes, GCP, and GitHub, to name a few. While familiarity with some of these is beneficial, the willingness to learn post-joining is equally valued.

Requirements and Perks

Required competencies for prospective team members include Python coding experience, reverse engineering capabilities, adaptability to rapid changes, and a solution-focused approach. Bonus points are awarded for familiarity with Android/iOS verification frameworks and bot and captcha bypass strategies.

Choosing Argyle means opting for a remote-first company culture that prides itself on an international work environment, flexible hours, and competitive perks such as stock options, flexible vacation policies, and a substantial setup budget for your home office along with a MacBook. Consider being part of a company that is not just offering a job but advocating for a transformative impact on financial systems worldwide.

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Software development


January 26, 2024


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