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Discover Kalder, pioneering Interactive Loyalty tools. Trsuted by top brands for customer retention and engagement. Giving power to creators & teams.

About Kalder

Kalder is at the forefront of customer and community engagement, offering innovative, no-code Interactive Loyalty tools to assist brands, sports teams, and creators in overcoming the challenges of customer acquisition and retention. With an impressive portfolio of clientele including GODIVA, BLONDISH, Market, and Les Benjamins, Kalder is a game-changer for those seeking effective engagement strategies.

For individuals ready to revolutionize the way brands and creators interact with their audiences, Kalder provides a meaningful opportunity to make a significant impact in the sphere of fan engagement.


Employees at Kalder are given the autonomy to build and lead specific verticals of features and products in collaboration with the leadership team, including the CEO, engineers, and designers. They are tasked with developing customer-facing features across web apps and backend systems, scaling these systems for an expanding user base, and creating automation tools. Kalder's engineering roles also entail working with smart contract protocols, ensuring outstanding coding standards, and enhancing system reliability through monitoring and developer tools.


Prospective team members should embody a Leadership Mentality, proactively engaging in engineering design discussions and proposing balanced solutions. Moreover, an Ownership Mentality is critical, with employees expected to take responsibility for maintaining and enhancing their codebase areas. A genuine passion for building infrastructure tailored to the brand and creator economy is also a desired trait among Kalder staff.

Tech Stack

Kalder's technology stack is diverse and incorporates cutting-edge tools including TypeScript, React, TailwindCSS, Next.js, and PostgreSQL. There is also an expressed interest in Solidity, indicating a venture into integrating and working with smart contracts within the no-code tooling offerings.

Requirements & Expectations

Candidates should have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science and a verified history of full-stack development in early-stage teams. Enthusiasm for web3 and collaborations with prominent brands and creators is essential, as is excellent communication skills, evident through clear documentation, effective meeting facilitation, and articulate speech.

What You Can Expect from Us

Kalder offers competitive pay and equity, along with the promise of cool merchandise, experiences, and events courtesy of its brand, creator, and sports team partners. The company boasts a leading team experienced in both brand building and the crypto industry, operating on a global scale.

Company name: Kalder
Location: Worldwide

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Software development


January 27, 2024


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