Head of Talent Acquisition (Human Resources Director)

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Join EdgeCortix as Head of Talent Acquisition to lead strategy execution in AI semiconductor space. Drive talent growth in a dynamic, cutting-edge tech company.

About EdgeCortix

EdgeCortix is a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in energy-efficient edge intelligence and is valued at over $250 billion. Founded in 2019 in Japan, the company has pioneered a software-first approach while developing a runtime reconfigurable processor called SAKURA ASSP (ASIC) aimed at computer vision, NLP, and AI. EdgeCortix operates in key sectors such as defense, aerospace, and autonomous vehicles, focusing on AI at the edge.

The EdgeCortix Team

The team at EdgeCortix comes from a strong research background and is dedicated to defining and solving complex problems in AI. Intellectual curiosity and a self-starting attitude are core to the company values. EdgeCortix is positioned for growth, with plans to expand in Japan, the United States, and India, following their latest funding round in October 2023.

Role Overview: Head of Talent Acquisition

The Head of Talent Acquisition at EdgeCortix will shape the recruitment strategy and collaborate with leadership to meet the company's talent needs. This individual will directly report to the CEO and improve hiring processes, brand presence, and candidate experiences. Responsibilities include managing onboarding, market intelligence, and a talent pipeline that aligns with business objectives. Proficiency in both Japanese and English, as well as HR recruiting expertise, is required.

Key Responsibilities and Qualifications

Key responsibilities encompass recruiting, onboarding, retention, and providing market intelligence. The ideal candidate will have experience in high-level recruiting strategies, especially in engineering and sales roles within the high-tech sector. Desired qualifications include a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, command of both Japanese and English, and experience in a startup. Expertise in both hardware and software engineering recruitment is a plus.

Desired Personal Attributes and Benefits

The role demands detail orientation, risk identification, accountability, and strong communication skills. The chosen candidate will enjoy a competitive compensation package, stock options, flexible work hours, and remote work options. This position offers the opportunity to be a pivotal part of a high-growth AI-focused company.

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Japan, United States, India



January 27, 2024


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