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Join p0x labs in revolutionizing web3 privacy with Manta Network, leveraging zero-knowledge proofs. Hiring Community Manager for global outreach.

About p0x labs

p0x labs is an innovative group at the frontier of privacy technology in the web3 arena, particularly through its project, Manta Network. This initiative is concentrated on enhancing privacy for web3 applications and decentralized finances by incorporating zero-knowledge proofs. Predicated on fundamental principles, p0x labs utilizes state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques like zkSNARKs to ensure their protocols maintain both high efficiency and robust privacy and security features.

The Manta Network has gained the support of top investors such as Polychain and Binance Labs. Its founders hail from prestigious academic institutions and hold a wealth of experience from significant blockchain ventures, including Algorand. Those passionate about crafting privacy-centric solutions with zero-knowledge proofs, blockchain application development, or those curious about the Polkadot ecosystem are encouraged to engage with the project.

Join Our Team

p0x labs is currently on the lookout for a Community Manager to join the Manta Network team. The role involves expanding the project's global awareness and user base. The perfect match for this position would be someone who has successfully cultivated and interacted with crypto and web3 developer communities, embodies the 'degen' spirit, and has a background in working with Web2/Web3 SocialApps/GameApps.

Key responsibilities will include driving growth and operational activities focused on SocialFi and GameFi sectors, managing, and energizing the Ambassador community, strategizing on community growth, hosting AMAs, forging key influencer relations, and moderating various communication platforms.

Prospective applicants should demonstrate a pronounced passion for Web3 and related apps, possess excellent communication skills, and have a track record of building communities from scratch. Fluency in English and digital marketing expertise are also required.

Working at p0x labs

p0x labs is distinguished by its cultural diversity and dedication to a flexible, remote-friendly work environment. Composed of intelligent and ambitious individuals, the team nourishes its culture through various events, despite the geographical spread. The work setting promotes speed and unity in execution.

Working with p0x labs brings a host of additional perks including competitive pay, unlimited PTO, token allocations, opportunities for remote work, an inclusive team atmosphere, chances for continuing education, conference travel, and many more benefits. Manta Network operates globally.

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p0x labs


Social Media Management


January 28, 2024


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